Jun 24, 2020

iOS 14 Goes Official: Home Screen Widgets, App Drawer, Revamped Messages and More

All iOS devices currently supported by iOS 13 are slated to be seeded with the new iOS this fall.

Apple has finally revealed iOS 14, its newest mobile OS version. The latest edition of the iPhone software now comes with a slew of upgrades, most of which are eerily familiar with Android users.

Taking center stage is the home screen widgets. The new widgets, while very flexible, are also more data-rich. Note, however, that the Today screen is still intact.

Apple has also re-introduced what it means to view and use an app drawer. It sits to the right of the users' rightmost home screen and organizes their apps based on category automatically. Additionally, the new App Library features a folder that is adorned with suggested apps, alongside the recently added ones for easier access.

iOS 14 also added several new features to the Messages app. For instance, iMessage now boasts mentions, new Memoji features which include an avatar wearing a face mask, and a new interface for group texts which allows threads to be pinned at the top of the app.

A "Picture in Picture" feature in the supported iPhones is also thrown into the mix. The new perk on the interface should now allow users to pop up a small screen that floats on top of the other apps while you say it is watching a video.

Siri has also received some love in the process. At the helm is Apple's inclusion of 20 times more facts than a few years ago.

The same can be said with the Apple Maps app. For instance, guides from partners such as Zagat will be included in the much-needed app. It should also get content about restaurants or attractions in the app. The company is also adding cycling maps in certain cities, which include New York and San Francisco.

Apple also revealed that the iPhones' incoming calls should now be displayed as a banner notification. Meanwhile, users should soon be informed via a new notification if an app uses their phones' cameras or microphones.

The App Store has also received App Clips. A counterpart to Android Slices, the new feature is introduced as small parts of apps that can be used without the need to install the corresponding apps.

Also, iOS 14's developer preview is now available. The public beta version, on the other hand, is confirmed to follow next month.

The finalized version of iOS 14 is scheduled to roll out in the fall. iOS devices that will be supported are currently seeded with iOS 13 – that would be from the iPhone 6s and later.