Apr 25, 2018

Upcoming Nokia X Might not be a Flagship Device, as per 3C Authority

Reports suggest that HMD Global is on the verge of unveiling the mysterious Nokia X, pointing to April 27 as its launch date. While we have been expecting the Nokia X to come out as a flagship device, the latest news indicates that it might be a low-end or mid-range one.

Roughly three weeks ago, we spotted a bunch of concept images and a video render of HMD Global's upcoming smartphone allegedly dubbed as the Nokia X (to be read as Nokia Ten), adding weight to previous rumors speaking about its existence. In fact, the Finnish tech firm has reportedly scheduled a launch event on April 27 for the much-awaited handset. Based on the current naming scheme, the Nokia X should be a flagship device by nature. However, the latest report sourced from the Chinese 3C authority shows that this assumption might not be true.

The China Compulsory Product Certification or 3C recently certified two new Nokia devices with the model numbers TA-1099 and TA-1109, which are believed to be variants of the yet-to-be-unveiled Nokia X. Unlike TENAA, 3C doesn't reveal much about the specs of the phones, sadly. On the flip side, the 3C listing discloses the type of charger that will come with them. It reveals that both models will make use of a 5V/2A power supply with a basic charger supporting 10W charging output that ships with most entry-level and mid-range gadgets. If this turns out to be true, we won't be having a fast-charging Nokia X, thus, it is not a flagship-level handset, but a budget or mid-tier one.

Also, it is worth noting that HMD Global did not build hype around the Nokia X, a move which is quite confusing if ever the upcoming device is indeed a top-tier smartphone. That being said, we can speculate that the Nokia X will be heading to either the low-end or mid-range segment of the market upon its launch. Anyways, the April 27 event is just around the corner so it won't take us long before we can see the real deal behind the mysterious Nokia X.