Mar 14, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy J8+ Hits Geekbench with a Snapdragon 625

A new Samsung smartphone gets tested on Geekbench, and it belongs to the Galaxy J8 family as per the model and make.

Samsung has always been one to offer a lot of choices for consumers and their upcoming Galaxy J8+ is meant to provide a little more power in their entry-level offerings. A version of the Galaxy J8 has shown up on Geekbench, sporting a new chipset and better scores and this has led industry watchers to believe that it is actually the Galaxy J8+.

The listing on Geekbench has a phone with the model name Samsung SM-J805G, scoring 749 points for single core and 3,708 points for multi core. While it may not be amazing results by any stretch, they point to a different chipset make for the phone: the MSM8953, also known as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. Previously a device was seen bearing the model name SM-J800FN and it was bearing the Exynos 7870 chipset.

It's not unusual for Samsung to produce an Exynos and Qualcomm version of the same phone but the SM-J805G model also has 4GB of RAM compared to the SM-J800FN which only had 3GB. That points to the likelihood of it being the "Plus" model, even if the actual benchmark numbers aren't all that far apart. The internal storage space is also likely to be different but this isn't noted in the listing. Both handsets are running Android 8.0 Oreo.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Samsung is also more likely to introduce a Qualcomm model to Asia, Europe and the Middle East, whereas the Exynos model is more likely to be introduced to South America and certain parts of Asia like China and Japan. It could be that this is the same phone with a little higher trim (extra RAM and possibly more storage), though at this point it's still more like to be the Galaxy J8+ that's rumored to be waiting in the wings.

We'll find out just which phone this is within the coming weeks, as phones that show up on the Geekbench and other benchmarking sites tend to be ready for certification and have a pre-eminent launch. We'll keep you updated on the latest developments here.