May 22, 2020

Sony Is Finally Joining the Pop-Up Camera Craze, But with a Twist!

A new Sony Xperia device with a motorized pop-up camera could now be on the horizon, but the phone isn't one of those regular ones, a recently-published patent suggests.

Sony is jumping on the bandwagon of smartphone manufacturers – Samsung, Xiaomi, and HUAWEI – with at least one phone model featuring a motorized camera. But the Japanese tech giant is adding a twist, one that should delight the modern audiophiles out there.

Image: Sony Xperia 1 II

A published patent document reveals that Sony is considering the adoption of the retractable camera mechanism. But looking at the patent details more closely, it shows that the company isn't only offering a pop-up camera but a pop-down speaker as well. The latter, which is in the "pop-down" mode, can be ascertained as a mechanism that can be lowered from the bottom chin of the phone.

Standard, Pop-up Mode, Pop-down Mode

The patent details also revealed that the top mechanism houses a speaker, but with a single selfie shooter placed on the right section of the module.

As it is, the Sony Xperia device could very well launch with a dual speaker system. The setup could rise and fall, depending on the task at hand. The patent images also revealed that the top and bottom portions are raised during a call. Now, when the user opts to take a selfie, only the top section is seen to be raised.

Ultimately, these two mechanisms are completely independent. Also, they are activated automatically. If the phone ever sees the light of day, Sony could also be developing software in which the user can program it according to their preferences.

Another takeaway from the patent is the phone's negligible bezels on every corner, alongside a full-screen body on the front panel. Meanwhile, the regions in which the mechanisms are popped up or lowered are only defined by narrow chins.

For the true-blue Sony enthusiasts out there, you'd know that this wouldn't be the first time this concept has emerged in the wild. In 2018, the company applied for the same patent. It was only then granted earlier this month and published accordingly by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office).

At the time of this writing, there is no way of telling the manufacturing and releasing details of the said Xperia smartphone. Furthermore, it remains to be seen whether the actual mechanisms that allow the device to feature two motorized sections would debut in the flesh.

With Sony's current, distinctive 21:9 aspect ratio, such a design could work. But then again, there is that thing on waterproofing.