Jul 23, 2018

Sharp May Be Leaving the Chinese Smartphone Market, Again

Speculations are abuzz now that the Japan-based tech maker Sharp is expected to withdraw from the Chinese smartphone market this year. The firm was noted to have left the same market back in 2005 and 2013.

After clearing all its content from China's popular microblogging site Weibo, the Japanese smartphone-maker Sharp is now tipped to be pulling out its business from the Chinese smartphone market. The speculated move also comes after onlookers have noted the CEO of the company's mobile phone division, Luo Zhongsheng's new designation to "senior communication digital blogger."

Fueling Sharp's imminent withdrawal from the Chinese market can also be attributed to the company's latest showing in the country. As a refresher, the Japan-based firm recently relaunched its brand in the country with the releases of the Sharp AQUOS S2 and the Sharp AQUOS S3 mini. Nevertheless, Sharp's efforts weren't apparently enough as its smartphones have all been performing dismally.

Sharp AQUOS S2

If you've been following Sharp's history in the Chinese smartphone market, this rumored move isn't entirely that of a shocker. The company was noted for shutting down its operations back in the year 2005 and eight years after that. Sharp announced its intention to re-enter the now-competitive market in 2017 through Weibo.

Sharp's looming withdrawal from the Chinese market also confuses a throng of tech analysts. It should be noted that the Foxconn-owned firm is en route to launching its products in Europe this year. A slew of leaked smartphone variants has surfaced in the region recently, prompting speculation that the official launching would soon commence. Alas, no word has been outed yet in terms of its launch date.

Of these rumored smartphones, two of which have come in the spotlight, the Sharp AQUOS C10 and the SHARP B10. Another leaked smartphone, the Sharp AQUOS D10, is also expected to be launched in Europe. The device is touted to be as the Sharp AQUOS S3's rebranded variant.

Whether or not Sharp's imminent withdrawal from the Chinese market is true, it still remains elusive as to why the firm is leaving one of the strongest markets in the world. But judging its recent decisions on Weibo, it may only be a matter of time before the beleaguered company makes an official announcement. But as to its impending decision that will leave a dent in the firm's overall business, let's just leave it to a fact that Sharp is an enduring name in the smartphone industry.