Feb 8, 2018

Samsung to drop the Galaxy S line and rename it the Galaxy X

A new rumor suggests that Samsung will not be making the Galaxy S10, and instead move to the Galaxy X.

Samsung could just be dropping the Galaxy S line. It sounds a little crazy, but there are rumors that after the Galaxy S9, next year's flagship Galaxy phone will be known as the Galaxy X. There's a lot of things going on with that, but there are sources and industry watchers who are saying that Samsung will be simplifying the Galaxy naming scheme and doing away with ever-increasing numbers so that the Galaxy S10 will simply be known as the Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The first thing that will come to the mind of many people is the iPhone X and Samsung's unusual relationship with Apple. Samsung has long been rivals with Apple, being involved in a lot of competition with the brand on the market, in the courtroom, and even being strange bedfellows in the supply chain. With Apple releasing last year's flagship as the iPhone X, is Samsung once again following Apple's lead to position their phone as a powerful competitor to the iPhone X?

This reasoning seems suspect for many reasons, including the timing, as the alleged Galaxy X will be two years behind the iPhone X at this rate, and makes it look like Samsung is playing catchup with the Apple brand. Then there's the actual rumored Galaxy X, which is supposed to be a flip phone and Samsung's attempt to bring a device with a folding screen to market. There's also the matter of making the line even more confusing; Samsung already has a J, an A and an X series, along with a dozen incidental products like the Note, the Mega, and the C series. Adding another X series to the line just makes things even more complicated, and weakens the already strong branding of the S series as the premiere flagship line.

So while it's entirely possible that this rumor could be true and we'll be seeing a Galaxy X in 2019 instead of the Galaxy S10, it just seems incredibly far-fetched and unbelievable.

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