Jan 30, 2018

Samsung's latest patent is all about authentication using blood flow patterns

You have heard it right. Samsung is done with iris scanning technology and wants to introduce a new method of authentication that uses blood flow patterns. The information was from the newly-published patent application by the South Korean tech giant.

Of course, all of us don't want unauthorized persons to access our devices and worst, steal our private information, which is why phone manufacturers have been coming up with various technologies lately that add a level of security to our gadgets. For instance, there are front and rear-mounted fingerprint readers, iris scanners, and face recognition features on the latest-gen phones, to name a few. Just a few weeks ago, the world's first-ever handset with an under-display biometric sensor arrived, marking another milestone in the mobile industry. Well, what more can we expect to see when it comes to the security system?

Samsung seems to have the answer to that question. A newly-published patent application from the Korean tech giant entitled "Real Time Authentication Based on Blood Flow Parameters," which was initially filed back in July 2016, was recently spotted online. From the title itself, we can already know what Samsung has in mind: It wants to introduce a new authentication method that verifies users based on their blood flow patterns in the finger or wrist. Is it even possible? Yes, in fact, according to the patent application, 'the arterial conduction paths of different users are almost never identical.'

How does it work? The technology involves the measuring of physiological biomarkers by the blood flow sensors as well as the checking the morphological characteristics associated with that user. Once figured out, the device unlocks to the user. Apparently, we can't give a hundred percent assurance that this kind of authentication can't be hacked. Moreover, it doesn't seem that it would show up in gadgets very soon.

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