Feb 8, 2019

Samsung's Galaxy F Foldable Smartphone Renders Go Public

Samsung has long mastered the science behind the folding screen technology and has finally decided to go public with their knowledge by coming out with the Galaxy F. With its impressive technology, the new smartphone is expected to make an impact on how smartphones will be shaped moving forward.

Even though Samsung's upcoming foldable smartphone, the Galaxy F, has been announced to the public with the most recent one taking place at last month's CES event, information available about the device is still scarce. Thankfully, a leaked official video from Samsung has helped in creating improved render images of Samsung's new smartphone and could very well shape expectations.

The new renders show that the Galaxy F smartphone has a slim form factor that almost looks like a tablet when fully unfolded, while its slim bezels give users more display area.

The smartphone, when unfolded, has a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display panel, and a 4.58-inch display panel when folded. It's said that the Galaxy F will have 2 battery packs. Observers say that this will not be a cheap phone considering that the cost of manufacturing alone will be substantial, with experts saying that the starting price tag for this new smartphone will probably be around USD 1,500 (around PHP 78,500).

The research and development team at Samsung already developed a foldable display panel in as early as 2011, but due to limitations in technology then, the company had challenges parlaying the folding screen technology into an actual working retail smartphone.

Samsung has gone a long way in developing the folding screen technology. This new form factor's size can mean that multiple applications can now be run at the same in true multi-tasking fashion, making it very attractive to power users. The unfolded size of the display is something that users who watch videos will certainly appreciate, plus reading will be easier for e-book and online article consumers.

Other information on the specifications is not clear yet as Samsung has kept a tight lid on the Galaxy F's development. Details like the Galaxy F's chipset, the number of cameras, and other technical information are not yet available. Note that the details mentioned here are mostly based on speculation, while it does help shape expectation, we suggest waiting for official word from Samsung.

With the Samsung UNPACKED 2019 event taking place on February 20, it is hoped that all the questions about this device will be answered as it is expected that it will be unveiled along with the Galaxy S10 line of smartphones.