Jan 11, 2018

Samsung pushes back launch schedule of foldable phone next year

Samsung Mobile Chief DJ Koh pushes back the release schedule of its upcoming foldable smartphone to next year; the UX impediment causing the delay, thus, disappointing a lot of eager spectators after initially promising for an arrival sometime in 2018.

Are you still holding up to the promise made by Samsung's Mobile Chief DJ Koh last September regarding the arrival of the company's first foldable smartphone this year? Sadly, it seems like you'll have to wait for another year before you get to the actual device in metal.

The news was broke to us gently by the same person who assured us of the existence of the foldable device, Samsung's boss DJ Koh, during the press conference at the ongoing CES 2018. He stated that the UX of the handset proved to be an obstacle they found hard to resolve, but at least, they are working on a solution for it. It is worth noting, though, that Samsung is not ditching the project itself but only pushing back the launch schedule to 2019.

Meanwhile, a report out in Samsung's home country, South Korea, gave us some details regarding the delayed flexible smartphone. As per the South Korean publication, Samsung will start developing foldable displays in March, manufacture panels in September, and begin mass production of the phone in November, in preparation to unveil the device early next year.

Regarding the foldable gadget, it says that it will sport a 7.3-inch flexible OLED screen with an inward fold, doubling its function as a smartphone and as a tablet once you unfold it. Leaked patents last year also suggest that the device will have a pressure-sensitive display. We hope that Samsung can solve the UX impediment and launch the much-awaited phone according to the promised schedule.