Apr 27, 2018

OPPO grabbed the top spot in smartphone shipment in Q1 2018

In terms of smartphone shipment, OPPO is the number one company in China as it moved about 18.52 million units in the country in the first quarter of 2018. However, in terms of sales revenue, it is Apple which has yet again emerged as the number one thanks to its high unit price point.

The level of competition in the country as big as China is so huge that it keeps the smartphone vendors always on edge. A slight lackadaisical approach for even a few weeks let alone months might prove disastrous for the OEMs. As we see manufacturers locked in perpetual battle with each other, the performance has emerged as the only mantra for survival in the world's largest smartphone market. And for us, what better way to gauge their performance than the quarterly report by research firms?

Q1 2018: Shipment Ranking

Sino-Market Research, a China-based market research firm recently released a report for Q1 2018 on the smartphone's shipment in China. And the report unveiled the fact that OPPO has been able to stage a comeback to the top spot. In addition to OPPO, there were Vivo, Apple, HUAWEI, Honor, and Xiaomi which together accounted for about 100 million shipments. The quarterly report highlights that OPPO has led the pack with a total shipment of 18.52 million units in the first quarter, whereas its sister company, Vivo, finished second with 17.34 million units of the shipment. Apple, a non-Chinese brand, came third by shipping 16.8 million units.

HUAWEI with 14.41 million units, Honor with 14 million units and Xiaomi with 12.37 units of the shipment have managed to secure the fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively. On the other hand, MEIZU, Gionee, Samsung and xiaolajiao with 3.91 million units, 2.39 million units, 2.14 million units and 1.3million units have rounded up the list of top ten smartphone vendors in terms of shipment.

Q1 2018: Gross Revenue Ranking

The report also ranks the vendors in terms of their gross revenue in which Apple has emerged numero uno. This is, however, not surprising given its high unit price point. Here, OPPO had to contend with the second place followed by HUAWEI, Vivo, and Honor. When it comes to online sales, HUAWEI's subsidiary online brand, Honor, has trumped all other companies by selling 6.29 million units in the first quarter. Xiaomi emerged the second highest online selling brand followed by Apple, HUAWEI, and Meizu which are in third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

Though these rankings reflect where the companies are standing with respect to competition, it keeps on changing. With an array of top-end as well as mid-range smartphones joining the fray in the second quarter of 2018 it is very much likely that we may see lots of changes in rankings of the companies for the next quarter.

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