Feb 2, 2018

OPPO and Qualcomm Partner to bring 5G to the Market

We're nearing the time of transition between LTE and 5G, and OPPO and Qualcomm are here to lead the fray.

When the mobile industry moved to LTE around 2009, it was a huge game changer. Suddenly, it was possible to do things on the go that wouldn't have been possible with the limited bandwidth of 3G. Streaming high-resolution video was now the norm, and this let services like Netflix to really take off, while the old standard bearers like YouTube were now fully accessible outside of the comfy confines of your home's broadband. Well, get ready for the next big jump then: OPPO and Qualcomm have partnered to bring 5G to the consumer smartphone market.

5G has been a long thing coming. Research to develop the 5G standard has been ongoing since 2008, when the 4G standard was finalized, but the next generation has been a long time in coming. It's said that the new standard will probably mature and be ready by 2020, but Qualcomm and OPPO have been busy making sure it comes even sooner.

OPPO has plans to launch the first 5G mobile phones in 2019, and by working with Qualcomm this could just be a reality. OPPO and Qualcomm have just announced a partnership with the commitment to bring the first 5G smartphones to the market, as part of the 5G Pioneer Initiative. The announcement was made at the 2018 Qualcomm Technology Day in China, and under the agreement Qualcomm will be providing the solutions for the radio frequency technology to the smartphone maker.

The arrival of 5G is important, and the timing couldn't be better. Experts have noted that for the Internet of Things to become a reality, the increased speed and bandwidth of 5G networks will be necessary. There is a definite trend towards the connected household and the connected lifestyle as we get more and more smart devices to power the Internet of Things paradigm, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the Apple Watch. Very soon smart refrigerators, smart jackets, smart bikes, smart cars, and basically smart-everything will be commonplace, but 5G might be the catalyst that will make it happen.

This new partnership between OPPO and Qualcomm is a bold step towards realizing that goal, and you could say there's no better time than now to be a tech lover.

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