Mar 13, 2018

New Vivo V9 leak confirms iPhone X-style design

Looking for a mid-range Vivo device that looks like an iPhone X? The Vivo V9 has you covered.

Vivo has something really exciting in store later this month: the Vivo V9, the successor to the vastly popular Vivo V7. According to Vivo, they will be holding a press event for the launch of the V9 on March 27, and for those looking forward to Vivo's next mid-range value extravaganza, some pictures have been leaked giving us a sneak peek at the smartphone before its actual launch.

The images show a silver-colored smartphone with the Vivo branding, with black front bezels and a picture of sunflowers as its wallpaper. The picture confirms what several rumors have already implied: Vivo went with an iPhone X-esque design for this one, down to the vertical ellipse that houses the cameras at the back, emulating the camera placement of Apple's flagship. The device also has the iPhone X notch, something which was confirmed in Vivo's official teaser, but which we can't quite see in this new leak. The screen is a little too dark to see the notch, but we know it's there because the battery icon appears on the same vertical line as the front camera.

We can see just how thin the bezels are on this phone, with just a slight chin beneath the bottom software buttons, almost nothing on the sides, and the battery bar on top. The phone also has a fingerprint scanner at the back, and shots of the phone from the bottom reveal a 3.5mm headphone jack along with a micro USB port. The SIM tray loads from the side and has a notch hole to eject with the proper tool.

As of the moment, we have no official specifications for the V9 other than its powerful 24-megapixel front camera, although there are a lot of rumors swirling around the net. The device is expected to take the place of the V7, so it'll probably have a lower-midrange Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that is just fast enough to breeze through the regular day-to-day use of consumers in the selfie market segment. Pricing is also unclear, but it will likely be around PHP15,000 the same as the Vivo V7 when it first came out.