Apr 10, 2018

Live Image of the BLACK SHARK Gaming Phone finally appears

A live image of the upcoming BLACK SHARK gaming phone from the Xiaomi-backed company leaks.

There's a lot of hype surrounding the new BLACK SHARK gaming phone, and we've been getting all sorts of teasers, rumors and marketing for the upcoming device. What we haven't seen so far is actual solid information on the phone, but that's just changed. The first live shot of the phone has just surfaced, and it just might blow your conceptions of what a smartphone should be like in this day and age.

The leak comes courtesy of the mother of all smartphone leaks, the Chinese social media site Weibo. It's a shot of the back of the phone in hand, and it reveals an awful lot about what BLACK SHARK is going for with its Razer Phone competitor. At first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the BLACK SHARK phone might be some kind of electric razor. I don't know if that's a good thing or not considering the phone is meant to go up against Razer, but when it comes to gamer aesthetics BLACK SHARK may just have a method to its madness.

The pictured device is big, black and bulky, with all the aggressive angular curves gamers are said to adore. The design is certainly rugged, but it's unclear if this is the naked phone or if it's encased in a very aggressive case accessory that may or may not have some gaming controls up front. One thing's for sure, that's going to be a huge bulge in your pocket, sort of like how the PlayStation Portable was ungainly in the average men's jeans pocket. It's not even symmetrical, with what looks like a razor clip attachment on top curving outwards at one side. This attachment could be a joystick or directional pad attachment for the left or right side of the device when held in landscape mode, as the device is rumored to have dedicated hardware gaming controls.

We also can't ignore the other obvious thing on the device; a pair of dual cameras and an LED flash, and no fingerprint scanner. The lack of a rear scanner feeds to the rumors of the phone having an in-display sensor, giving it yet another cutting edge feature aside from its gaming prowess. The phone is also said to have stereo speaker with surround sound and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

The BLACK SHARK phone is due to launch on April 13, so we can count the days until we see the actual phone in its full glory. Will it be enough go against Razer Phone and its massive marketing push? We'll find out pretty soon.