Feb 5, 2018

Let your Hugot reward you with PHP 25,000 with OPPO's #HaveYouEver promo

OPPO plans to celebrate this year's Valentine's Day in an unusual way. Rather than give more importance to happy couples, it invites all those brokenhearted to share their hugot stories in its #HaveYouEver promo for a chance to win PHP 25,000 worth of SM GCs.

No doubt, all of us have been heartbroken, hurt, and rejected even once in our lives, after which, we moved on, learned a lesson, and used it to grow stronger. OPPO knows that well and wants to hear our experiences by encouraging us to share our personal "hugot stories" as a part of its Valentine's Day gimmick. This love month, the company has its #HaveYouEver Facebook promo which offers the opportunity to all the ladies and gents out there to reminisce their heartaches, letting out the bitterness they have kept inside for long.

For sure, a lot of you are ready to unleash your "hugot stories " so here's how to join: Beginning February 1st and ending on the 14th, OPPO will post different #HaveYouEver questions daily on their Facebook page every 2 PM. If you are interested, you can share your answers via video submission. The video clip should have a maximum size of 100MB, which is equivalent to a 5-minute clip, should be in .mp4 format, and you should publish your answer within 24 hours from the question's posting. You can only have a maximum of 14 entries to qualify for the promo.

What can you get from doing it? OPPO assures you that all those revisited pains wouldn't go to waste as it will generously give away PHP 25,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates to three different winners drawn randomly. The raffle draw will take place on February 15, and the announcement of the winners will be on the next day, February 16. OPPO will post their names on OPPO's official Facebook page and send them email notifications. So don't hold back and go all out with your hugot lines! And maybe, just maybe, you'll be lucky enough to win the SM GCs.

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