Feb 9, 2018

Land Rover Explore with Motorola moto mods-like functionality to arrive at the MWC

Land Rover, known for its premium SUV cars, has officially entered the smartphone industry. Its first-ever phone, the Land Rover Explore, is a rugged device which comes with modular functionality. It is expected to show up at the MWC later this month.

What comes to your mind when you hear the name, Land Rover? Of course, you would start imagining about its 4x4 vehicles and luxury SUV cars. However, the famous car manufacturer seems to have ventured into a different industry, the smartphone industry. Land Rover is on the verge of launching its first-ever mobile phone, dubbed as the Land Rover Explore, most likely at the Mobile World Congress 2018 towards the end of this month. It is worth mentioning, though, that the car maker's vehicles and the upcoming smartphone have something in common: They are both for those who enjoy the outdoors in comfort and luxury.

The Land Rover Explore is a rugged smartphone made by the company's partner, the Bullitt Group, known for creating rugged CAT phones such as the Cat S60. Considering that the Bullitt Group has a good track record in making sturdy and durable devices, we can say that Land Rover made the right choice by entrusting the building of its first-ever smartphone to them. Apparently, the Bullitt Group had to trim down the bezels of the Land Rover Explore to achieve a thinner body, compared to the bulky CAT phones.

Aside from that, the Land Rover Explore comes with a modular functionality just like Motorola moto mods. It has a magnetic back with external pins that can hold extra hardware. Among all, the most remarkable add-on is the Adventure Pack, which adds a powerful GPS antenna, extra battery life, and an AR viewfinder for navigating in the wilderness where internet signal is not present. We still don't know anything regarding the device's specs. The rugged handset will be up for pre-orders beginning April for a suggested price tag of EUR 649 (PHP 41,000). As of now, there's no US pricing and availability mentioned.