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Home Credit Philippines Smartphone Installment Promos 2019

Your one-stop destination on all things promos and installments from leading loans provider Home Credit is now all made possible. Find out which one fits your needs and lifestyle with the compilation right below.

By now, you must have already heard and experienced just how flexible and efficient Home Credit is. Since its operations started in the Philippines in 2013, tons of Filipinos have already flocked in on its special promos and enjoyed its versatile installment plans.

And although Home Credit is no longer a budding company here in the country, the firm still doesn't come without a few kinks of its own. One of which, without a doubt, is its exposure to millions of Filipinos who may have actually been eyeing on one of its products but are not able to do so due to lack of information.

And so, we're using this platform to serve as your one-stop destination about Home Credit's installment promos this 2019. Consider this list as your main avenue should you be on the hunt for its best promos at the moment.

If you still happen to be on the fence about Home Credit and its voluminous list of flexible promos, may this compilation finally convince you to cave in. And we, at, are more than confident that you're just about to.

Home Credit Promos

Smart's New Smartphone Bundle Promo

A brand new smartphone and a Smart/TNT/Sun prepaid plan can now be all yours with Smart's latest promo with Home Credit. The promo comes with zero percent interest for up to 12 months, bundled with any of those three smartphone lines of your choice.

With this promo, would-be users are also given PHP 300.00 per month, right alongside 3GB worth of data and 300 minutes of free call. Texting is also unlimited. Consumers are also given the option to choose a plan which includes PHP 150.00 per month with 1GB of data and 150 minutes of free call. Texting is likewise unlimited.

As it is, users need not to provide a credit for this promo. Just bring two valid IDs and get approved in 10 minutes.

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.

The Trade-To-Upgrade Promo

One of Home Credit's unbelievably flexible promos to-date is the trade-to-upgrade program. This benefits those who are looking to ditch their aging smartphones and who also happen to be on the lookout for the latest gadgets around.

For the most interested, you may head to the nearest FoneStyle branch and have your current smartphones replaced by a new one. Your old or current smartphone should serve as your down payment so you could have the new gadget processed. Additionally, you may add extra cash so your monthly installment will be reduced accordingly.

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.

Nokia Zero Interest

If you happen to be one of those loyal Nokia followers and are looking for the best smartphone from the famed brand with some of the most flexible terms, hear us out: You can now have your own Nokia phone and enjoy it with a zero percent interest installment. And its main takeaway? You won't be needing a credit card!

You can visit any of the promo's participating partner stores and just pay the computed downpayment. As promised, there's no mumbo jumbo, no dilly-dallying. The caveat is that you only have to wait 10 minutes!

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.

The "OPPO: Own This At 0%" Promo

Selfie lords eyeing on Home Credit's installment plans? OPPO with its "Own This At 0%" promo could very easily be the one you've been waiting for. At the time of this writing, these two firms offer the OPPO F7, a smartphone that is noted for its impressive selfie offerings. The AI-powered selfie camera sensor allows the device to simply capture the real you.

But to delight on this promo, you may visit one of Home Credit's participating partner store and get approved in 10 minutes.

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.

ASUS At 0%

The premier provider of all-rounder smartphones in the world, ASUS is also taking part of the crazy zero percent installment plan of Home Credit. At the top of their offerings is the ASUS ZenFone Max Plus, a smartphone that is renowned for its battery – one that features a whopping 4,130mAh battery capacity. The phone is also noted to boast a standby time of up to 26 days.

Akin to Home Credit's previous promos, this one doesn't require a credit card. Just bring two valid IDs and you'll get approved in 10 minutes or less. As it is with all its promos, this one too is 100% safety guaranteed.

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.

Vivo at 0% Interest

The budding Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo has also jumped on the Home Credit bandwagon. Fronting its offering at the moment is the Vivo Y85 smartphone. Launched in May 2018, this entry is noted for its expansive 6.22-inch screen, dual-camera setup, and a large 3,260mAh battery. Ultimately, the phone comes with a topnotch clarity and fluidity only this well-loved brand can offer.

You can visit the official page of Home Credit to verify which participating partner score your location is near whether you're in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao!

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.

Special Products

Scratch Saya

Home Credit's "Scratch Saya" caters to consumers who bank on luck above everything else! If you're feeling lucky, this product should serve that avenue. The main attraction of it is a chance to win an OPPO A83 during its grand draw.

For interested participants, simply apply a Home Credit loan in select Aerophone, Asianic, CSI Houseware and Appliance Center and Wiltelcom stores to receive an exclusive Scratch Saya card.

Winners are also all expected to receive instant freebies during the raffle draw. Make sure to bring two valid IDs upon joining.

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.

Phonenomenal Zero!

Yes, you read that right! Home Credit also comes with more fun than you already know. One of its participated events is the Phonenomenal Zero! Whether you're into selfies, "groufies," "web searchies," movies, or any social media accounts that you need to have grow, the smartphone that you're about to win is more than prepared to do just that.

The Phonenomenal Zero! promo is currently and exclusively available at select Aerophone and Aerofone stores. A credit card isn't required and the approval will take less than 20 minutes.

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.


Together with Rulls Cellphones and Accessories, one of Home Credit's most fantastic products to-date is the ExtravaganZero!

With ExtravaganZero!, you can simply grab the best smartphone via this participating store. With a brand new phone, users can readily connect and hear the latest and hottest music releases while being connected to their loved ones and friends anytime, anywhere.

The ExtravaganZero! is currently and exclusively available in selected Rulls Cellphones and Accessories stores. Like the Phonenomenal promo, this one too won't require credit cards. Approval is also as fast as 20 minutes.

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.

Phonetastic Zer0%

Are you still on the hunt for the perfect smartphone?

You might finally stumble upon one via Home Credit's Phonetastic Zer0% promo. The promo currently runs in select Memoxpress stores. The lowest downpayment interested participants can provide is 23%, which already includes the 3% processing fee. If the participant chooses to loan an amount that is lower than PHP 5,000, the minimum downpayment is reduced to 13%, which also includes the 3% processing fee.

For more pertinent information about the said promo, you can always approach any Sales Associate from these stores. Note that the commodity price will depend on the select partner stores. As it is, it would be best if you visit these participating stores themselves to ward you off from further inquiries online.

For those with participants with current loans that still need to be settled, it's advised that you finish the present one before you avail this promo.

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.

Zero Ph0nenanza!

Start your 2019 right by capturing and experiencing all the possible moments you can get outside and online with a brand new smartphone at FoneStyle with its crazy Zero Ph0nenanza installments from Home Credit. The promo is currently and exclusively available at all FoneStyle stores nationwide.

For interested participants, note that the 0% interest promo will depend on the item and the select partner sort. If you're already decided, make sure that you're 18 to 68 years old. You should also have a regular income for the past three months.

Just like with any other Home Credit promo, you are obligated to bring two valid IDs, with one affixed with your current address. One of these IDs should also come with your full name and date of birth. One of these should also sport your signature for your application to be processed.

For the list of smartphones under this promo, you may try to contact any of the FoneStyle stores.

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.

Perfect Zero

Be among the countless Filipinos who've already been impressed with just how flexible Home Credit's Perfect Zero promo is. Whether you're filling a void of your social media life or documenting all of your YOLO moments for your blogs, this promo is just about the perfect one to satisfy such needs. You can all experience these by simply getting the best smartphone there is from Greentel through Home Credit's interest installments.

As the promo implies, you can get any smartphone that you want at zero percent interest installments. Simply settle the required amount for downpayment and you may already choose the best smartphone that reflects your current needs.

You can grab this offer and apply for a loan here.


Availing a smartphone at Home Credit has never been this convenient. And when convenience is equaled with flexibility, you can only expect financial freedom – a hallmark that is rarely afforded but is generously provided by this company.

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