Apr 14, 2020

Here's What LG's Upcoming Flagship Phone 'Velvet' Will Look Like

LG's "Velvet" smartphone will mark the company's new era on smartphone design.

LG's next flagship iteration will no longer tote around an alphanumeric moniker.

In its recent press release, LG revealed that its forthcoming smartphone, dubbed as "Velvet," will serve as the first device from its portfolio that will boast the company's new branding strategy. The said strategy will also definitively move away from its usual alphanumerical designations. As with most brandings that are to be introduced, they usually come with a revamped design.

Here's how the LG Velvet will look, based on the company's sketches.

A Minimalistic Design

Based on the outed sketches, LG appears to be heading for a minimalistic design language that is inspired by nature, with elements like raindrops headlining its rear camera module design. The triple cameras and the LED flash are all stacked on top of one another in descending order, which is very much a reflection of falling raindrops.

According to LG, the phone's primary camera is placed "slightly" above the surface of the rear panel, while the other two camera sensors are situated under smooth glass. All of these renderings have one thing in mind, and that is to eradicate the often annoying camera bump.

Additionally, the sketches also showcased the phone's symmetrical curved front and back. Touted as the "3D Arc Design," the said design indicates that the edges of the phone's display are symmetrically curved to allow a more natural and comfortable grip.

Is The New LG Chocolate Series Making a Return?

Cha Yong-duk, LG's head of Mobile Communications Design, revealed that the aforementioned design of the LG Velvet is a reminder of how LG will present itself as a company that boasts "competitive edge" in their upcoming smartphone iterations. Also, he shared that their products in the near future will "draw on the rich history of classic LG design," a hint that the South Korean tech giant could be mulling over on releasing a rehabilitated LG Chocolate series on the horizon.

Still Up In The Air

While the LG Velvet seems to be a game-changer relative to its design offerings, the phone is yet to be accompanied by solid internals and other specifications. Speculations are somewhat rife that the phone could launch with a quad-lens camera and a Snapdragon 700 series chipset.

What we do know is that LG is certainly now veering away from the G branding for its flagship series of smartphones. As it is, the LG G8 series might very well be the last of its kind.