Apr 25, 2018

Here are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Gaming Smartphone

Are you planning to buy a gaming smartphone, but is confused as to which one you would spend your hard-earned money on? We have got you covered. This article will help you consider the factors of a great gaming device.

All of us have his or her reason for buying a smartphone, it may be for a purpose of listening to music, capturing moments using the device's camera, or playing games. Whatever our purpose is, we want to get the best experience we can ever have from a handset. One factor which can add to our satisfaction with the gadget is how well it provides entertainment. As what its name suggests, gaming smartphones deliver a seamless gameplay even how demanding the game becomes. Instead of being a dying breed, gaming phones have been growing in popularity since day one, especially now that more tech firms have been jumping into the gaming bandwagon. If you are planning to purchase a gaming phone, what factors will you consider? With this article, we got you covered.


Obviously, we have to give extra attention to the processor and GPU of a certain gaming phone. High processing power means that you will be able to manage multiple tasks at the same time, including a video game. Any game should play smoothly without lagging. Apart from the nature of the chipset, you should also consider the clock speed and number of cores. A quad-core SoC should do the trick, and fortunately, you can find phones with 4 cores or higher under 10k.


Although you can still play games on a device with 1GB of RAM, it can't provide a seamless gameplay as those with 2GB RAM or higher. Gaming enthusiasts believe that the more RAM a handset has, the better game experience it will offer. Also, if you have a phone with loads of RAM and storage, you can download a lot of games and switch from one to another smoothly.


The display resolution will affect the GPU performance greatly, but it does not follow "the higher, the better" rule as you must also consider the capacity of the GPU. For instance, if you have a sharp quad HD display but your GPU can't handle the added pixels, it would still be useless. For a mid-range device, you should go for a 720p resolution. You must also check the screen's touch sensitivity and opt for smartphones with at least a 5-point multi-touch display. Another factor you have to think of is the size of the touchscreen. Bigger screens will offer optimal use, thus it is a good choice to buy a phablet with a 5-inch display or larger.


Audio adds to the overall gaming experience as it builds the excitement during the gameplay. A lot of gamers don't like to wear headphones and choose to use the loudspeaker. Regardless of the speaker's position, you must make sure that it doesn't get blocked when you are using the phone in landscape orientation.


Most of the games nowadays require you to connect to the Internet and sign up in the online platform which is more fun as you can brag about your scores and achievements and start a challenge with your friends and people from different parts of the world.


If you are a hardcore gamer with a slew of battery-hungry gaming apps, you should consider devices with a good battery backup. Check the battery capacity and remember that a higher amount of mAh is better. In that case, a phone with more than 2500mAh of power will be the best option for you. Those with rapid-charging technology on board can also extend a helping hand and provide you with a less charging time.


As you can see, there are a lot of factors that you should consider before purchasing a gaming smartphone as you have to check the chipset, RAM, display, sound, connectivity, and battery. However, once you find a handset which could generously give all of those, you would surely love the gaming experience it will provide.