Feb 9, 2018

Here are 150+ New Emoji Icons you can expect on your Phone later this year

The Unicode Consortium has announced the imminent release of over 150 new emojis to spice up your text messages.

Sending text messages lacks the warmth and nuance of actual human conversation, so the Japanese had the brilliant idea of adding pictures that conveyed human emotion into our written communications. These were called emoji, from the Japanese "e" for picture and "moji" for character. Today, we speak with emojis in our daily text messages, and they've become part and parcel of our daily digital communication. This year, the Unicode Consortium has announced another set of 157 emojis to enrich our vocabulary even further.

Emoji 11.0 will include a whole plethora of new emojis you can access through your smartphone's keyboard, and many of them include things like hairstyle, super heroes, body parts, all manner of animals and things, and so much more. It's a huge, exciting update, and the scheduled release date is in June 2018.

First look: All 150+ Emojis for 2018

For those that can't wait, there is a preview of the emojis out on YouTube, in a video which goes through the Apple-styled emoticons. Out of the 157, there are actually only 77 unique images, as many are color re-skins of each other. Much of the repetition is found in the facial emojis which have different hair colors, hair styles and skin colors but for the most part are the same images. Among these are a whole slew of super hero-themed emojis wearing a mask and cape, in different color combinations.

There's also a lot of animals in the mix, including a kangaroo, a parrot, a peacock, a swan, a mosquito, a microbe, a badger, a lobster, and a hippo. There were also quite a few food options, like lettuce, cupcakes, moon cakes and salt. There were also Frisbees, magnets, tennis balls, jigsaw puzzle pieces, skateboards, an abacus, a sewing kit, a broom, and some Chinese New Year-related items like an ampao envelope and some firecrackers.

The new Emoji 11.0 release will be part of the Unicode 11.0 standard, and will be released in June. You should start seeing these hit your Apple and Android devices sometime in August. The next update will be Emoji 12.0 sometime in March 2019.