Oct 17, 2018

HTC aims to decentralize the internet with its blockchain phone, the Exodus

HTC looks to change the smartphone landscape by offering the Exodus smartphone that features tough security and support for blockchain technology.

HTC has a vision where they can "expand the blockchain ecosystem by creating the world's first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security". With 20 years of experience in smartphone manufacturing, HTC is looking to change the way users utilize the internet with the Exodus smartphone.

HTC envisions each Exodus smartphone to serve as an individual node for Bitcoin and Ethereum, and with their current goal of shipping out at least 100 million smartphones, this will change the way mining will be done since this was initially done using desktop computer setups that utilized expensive parts like top-of-the-line gaming graphics cards. Since Bitcoin and Ethereum are both highly coveted forms of electronic currency that can be converted to hard cash, the Exodus will come with multiple security protocols to ensure that nothing gets stolen, with each phone coming with what HTC dubs as "The Switzerland of Protocols."

The seriously tough security protocols also make the HTC Exodus an ideal hardware wallet that is envisioned by HTC Vive Founder, Phil Chen, to be secure enough to store people's identity and valuable information. As early as 8 years ago, this would not have been possible since Androids were easily hackable then, thus presenting a host of various security risks since malware and viruses can easily be transmitted to any device. Things are different today though since the Android operating system has been hardened and various security patches are now being pushed out by Google whenever there are major issues, though it is still not 100 percent secure.

The thing is, the Exodus phone's proposed security is a new concept that is currently in beta right now (testing phase), and HTC is still working on the delicate balance between security and usability in order to make the most out of this smartphone. The Exodus is initially designed for a small portion of users, most likely enterprise users and people who are on the blockchain. Pricing could be around USD 1,000 (around PHP 55,000).

HTC will hold an October 22 event to announce the Exodus and has said that they will be releasing this smartphone in all markets except China, although no release dates have been revealed as of yet.

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