Dec 27, 2018

Four-Year-Old Boy Uses Siri To Save His Unconscious Mother

The iPhone's voice-activated virtual assistant, Siri, has managed to aid a four-year-old boy on saving his motionless mother by calling an emergency number in the U.K.

Siri is no longer just your regular virtual assistant. As it turns out for a certain four-year-old boy, the iPhone's voice-activated assistant is now a life-saving technological advancement.

Beau Austin, a four-year-old native of Pembrokeshire, Southwales, United Kingdom, had reportedly discovered his mother Jess, unconscious, due to the side effects of her morning sickness medication. Austin, who was an apparent fan of Siri and Alexa, used the former (on his mother's iPhone) to dial the U.K.'s emergency number "999" for help. The rest was nothing short of miraculous.

Various British news outlets have reported that Austin was able to communicate with Siri accordingly, in which the assistant had managed to connect the boy to Ashley Page, the Welsh Ambulance Service operator. Austin told Page that his mother was sick. Meanwhile, his mother was also able to confirm their address long enough before she fainted for the second time subsequently.

Austin was then provided by the operator the different ways to keep his mother conscious right until the ambulance arrived. Thankfully, his mother survived the ordeal just in time.

Austin was rewarded for his bravery by the ambulance service's mascot Jack and the Patient Experience and Community Involvement team. The boy was given a certificate, alongside a goodie bag.

As per Page, it was Austin's penchant for the latest mobile technology, the awareness of the situation, and his sense of calm that ultimately saved his mother from imminent mortality. Austin's mother also expressed how proud she was of her son's courage and determination to turn serious things around just to save her.

For those who have followed Apple closely relative to how their products were able to aid in emergencies, you'd know that this isn't the first time their innovations have saved lives. Recently, an iPhone was noted to have been one of the reasons as to why a chartered boat that was capsized off the coast of Japan was able to call for help. In 2017, the Apple Watch's SOS feature managed to provide aid after a drunk driver crashed his vehicle, and Siri again, also helped in a motorcycle crash that occurred in Australia.