Feb 6, 2018

Dual Camera is so 2017, here is the HUAWEI P20 Triple-Camera Phone

HUAWEI's upcoming flagship now has smartphone case renders that show us how good the design looks.

There was no dearth of dual camera phones last year, but HUAWEI is already looking past that. The Chinese smartphone maker looks to push the envelope with their upcoming HUAWEI P20, which will feature a triple camera design to assert their dominance in the mobile photography segment. And now, we have the renders that show us what a triple camera smartphone will look like.

The renders come courtesy of a case maker that has built the cases for the upcoming phone. While these renders are not official in the sense, there is a long history of smartphone case makers getting the specifications early so they can have the cases ready on launch. That's what we have here with the alleged P20, a whole set of renders to show us the good looks of this upcoming phone.

It's highly likely that these are accurate; HUAWEI has confirmed that they will be unveiling a new line of smartphones on March 27. Some expect a family of phones with a complete line up, but at least one of them is going to be the next P Series flagship, the successor to the HUAWEI P10. Some believe that it will be the P11, but many also say it will be called the P20, to reiterate the vast jump this phone will be technologically over the P10.

The triple camera array in the renders does look like a huge step up from the previous dual-camera design, and this isn't just hubris on HUAWEI's part. HUAWEI has consistently shown leadership in the mobile photography field, and the P9 was instrumental in setting the trending dual camera paradigm we saw in 2017. The improvement in image quality that the P9 gave us opened a lot of eyes, and if anyone can push the bar further it's HUAWEI. We're excited to see if the triple-camera setup will take phone photography to even greater heights.