Jan 10, 2018

Do you want the iPhone X? This Blackview phone has all its styling and more

If you are looking for something that looks and works like the iPhone X but at the fraction of the price, Blackview has something really exciting for you.

The iPhone X is the hottest smartphone of 2017, and Apple's design and features have already started trends. We're seeing other smartphone manufacturers scramble to have working facial recognition solutions to keep up with Face ID, along with cameras that can match Animoji. But the most sincere form of flattery is to imitate the look and design of the iPhone X, and if you have fallen in love with the new iPhone's look, you're in luck! Blackview has revealed a new bezel-less smartphone that has all the looks and style of the iPhone X, and it'll also be the first 19:9 smartphone in the world.

Blackview released a render of the upcoming phone on their Facebook account, and it shows the device from all angles. Immediately you'll note the large full-screen display up to the front, with a cut out at the top of the camera, earpiece speaker and sensors. There's a slim bezel at the bottom, along with a USB Type-C port and some antenna bands. The rear of the phone is minimalist and completely clean save for the Blackview logo at the bottom and a dual camera array at the upper left. It's just 8.5 mm thick and will disappear into your hand thanks to Blackview's precision engineering.

The display will be 5.85-inches and will have a unique 19:9 aspect ratio, something we've yet to see on the market. This display is compatible with all the 18:9 content that we saw a mushroom in 2017, but has the added benefit of having that extra margin of screen real estate to make the display of its Android Oreo 8.1 operating system else more beautiful.

The phone will also have a facial recognition system to unlock the device, and there is no fingerprint scanner on the back. The new device also comes with wireless charging, a feature that will be more important going into 2018 as more vendors will offer charging solutions to accommodate this growing trend.

Most importantly, the device will come at a fraction of the iPhone X's USD 999 (around PHP 50,000) asking price. Blackview has always been committed to providing quality devices at a very competitive price, and we'll see that with this device once it's officially released. No name or model for the phone has been given so far, but we'll find out what the Blackview has in store in the coming weeks once their iPhone X killer is officially launched.