Jul 11, 2018

China-based Feely introduces an all-new 450cc bike called Feely 450

Feely is a motorcycle brand in China which you may not have heard of before. It recently announced an all-new bike, named as the Feely 450, which sports a 450cc twin-cylinder engine mated to a 6-speed transmission and produces 36bhp and 35.25Nm of torque.

The China-based motorcycle manufacturer Feely has recently unveiled its latest bike, called as the Feely 450. Before you judge the Chinese company's all-new two-wheeler, please take time to consider it and you'll realize that it isn't as terrible as you might have expected. Well, it surely isn't as good as Honda or Ducati's vehicles but it does put up a good fight. As what was hinted by its name, the Feely 450 comes with 450cc water-cooled twin-cylinder engine mated to a 6-speed transmission, which delivers about 36bhp and 35.25Nm of peak torque. The engine is built by Zongshen, a famous Chinese automotive brand.

Regarding its external appearance, the Feely 450 looks sporty with its Transformers-like body and red and white color scheme. It flaunts some eye-catching LED lights as well as lettering on its side which says "Never Stop." For sure, the statement doesn't refer to the brakes, no pun intended. There's also a classic-looking instrument cluster having a circular-shaped tachometer with a small-sized digital display for speedometer and odometer. The tachometer is flanked by a lighted gear indicator with digits from 1 to 6 on the left side. Details regarding the motorcycle are still scarce as of now, albeit we are sure to hear more about it pretty soon.

Aside from the Feely 450, the two-wheeler firm is reportedly working on several bikes which will be launched in the coming months. There are at least three motorcycles up in the pipeline: a 471cc twin-cylinder adventure bike, a 320cc single-cylinder naked roadster, and an adventure bike having a 320cc engine. Surely, we are all excited to know whether Feely will bring these models to our local market or not. Apparently, it is quite plausible as the Philippines has a lot of consumers who settle with Chinese motorcycle brands due to their affordable prices.