Mar 14, 2019

BlackBerry CEO: Foldable Phones Are Pricey, Bulky, and Not Innovative

The new foldable smartphones that seem to have caught everyone's attention aren't exactly the most innovative in this era of mobile breakthroughs, according to this CEO who is also one of the pioneers in the field.

If you're one of those who feels like there's something off with the latest foldable smartphone craze, you're not alone. The CEO of BlackBerry himself has some critical things to say about the current trend that may already be forming a new league.

HUAWEI Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold

According to John Chen, head of the currently beleaguered Canadian company, foldable smartphones are way too bulky for his taste. And this is an issue as most consumers today want bigger screens, but instead, they're marketed with bulky devices.

BlackBerry KEY 2

Chen also shared that apart from their steep price tags, these devices have limited appeal and lack of innovation. Chen added that he wanted something that is faster and comes with functional upgrades, features that could be lacking in the recently-announced foldable smartphones.

In terms of mobile innovations, Chen believes that at the moment, there are no visible breakthroughs despite the previous advancements done on biometrics and security such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and the more sophisticated iris technology.

Chen's criticism on foldable smartphones comes after the industry key players Samsung and HUAWEI both released their "foldables" on the market, each of which carries skyrocketing price tags. Also common between the two is the seemingly bulky structure of their iterations which becomes even bulkier when unfolded.

Samsung's first foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, is now scheduled to hit the global market around May this year with a starting price of about USD 2,000 (around PHP 105,500). Subsequently, the HUAWEI Mate X, HUAWEI's evident response to the "Fold," is also set to be retailed around summer. The latter is currently noted as being the better between the two relative to design and functionality and Samsung insists that theirs is infinitely better.