Nov 8, 2019

Best Items on Lazada's 11.11 Biggest One Day Sale

One of Lazada's biggest sales is right around the corner. Our editors have researched thoroughly and we've come up with this list of recommended products to help you find the best bargain on Lazada's 11.11 sale.

This year's 11.11 sale marks the 3rd event since the phenomenal Chinese shopping holiday has started in 2017. Whether you're single or not, 11.11 is a day to take advantage of great discounts and promotions. In the Philippines, Lazada introduced to us this culture and has been one of the most anticipated ocassions ever since.

Although, as fun as it may sound, not all can enjoy the offerings that this event delivers. One example for that is since the discounted or sale price isn't revealed exactly (depending on the item/seller), it could be difficult to find the best discounts. Also, don't forget that you only have 1 day to shop and navigate through all the items and play "first come first serve" while stocks last against 108,116,615 Filipinos (the Philippine population as of 2019).

To make things easier for you, our editors have researched through Lazada's 11.11 listings and have come up with the best recommended items you must check out before the event starts. After checking our recommended products, hopefully, you'll have enough time to decide and get ready for the actual sale. So without further ado, here's our list of the best items on Lazada's 11.11 Sale this 2019.

Smartphone and Tablets

Apple iPhone 6 32GB

  • Current Price: PHP 16,990
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 10,990

An iPhone is still an iPhone, and being able to buy a brand new one for PHP 10K is certainly a bargain. Sadly though, the iPhone 6 didn't make the list of iPhone devices eligbile for the iOS 13 update. Still, this is certainly a great chance if you've been wanting to try out the iPhone series.

Apple iPhone XR 64GB

  • Current Price: PHP 40,990
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 34,290

This is the biggest discont we've seen for the 1 year old iPhone XR! For an approximately PHP 6K discount, you can get a brand new iPhone XR and enjoy its perks.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch Wi-Fi 64GB

  • Current Price: PHP 64,490
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 55,890

The iPad Pro is certainly a spectacular device. And now that it's available with Apple's new iPadOS, there's hardly any reason for you to use a laptop anymore. If you've been eyeing for an iPad Pro for a while now, then with this PHP 9.1K discount, you shouldn't miss this chance.

Xiaomi Redmi Go

  • Current Price: PHP 2,990
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 2,???

The Redmi Go was already affordable to begin with. But if you're in store for a spare phone, or a first smartphone for your young ones, then this discount will definitely save your budget. Although not specifically mentioned, you can probably get an at least PHP 990~ discount.

Xiaomi Mi A3 4GB/128GB

  • Current Price: PHP 9,980
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 8,979

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is a great mid-range device, yes it has its flaws like the lack of a microSD card slot and 720p or HD resolution display. But if you can look pass through that, it's a great package overall. Take note that this listing is the 128GB version! It's as if you're buying a Mi A3 64GB but getting a 128GB version instead.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 128GB

  • Current Price: PHP 12,990
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 11,691

The recently launched Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro has been in the crosshairs of many Xiaomi fans in the Philippines. And since it's still practically new in the market, getting a big discount at least over PHP 1K is pretty impossible at this point, and so we thought. Here we have a 128GB variant with a PHP 1.2K discount! For a recently released model you shouldn't miss this chance.

Black Shark 2 128GB Global ROM

  • Current Price: PHP 25,990
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 22,990

Are you looking for a gaming phone that won't disappoint? Packed with 8GB of RAM, Snapdragon 855 SoC, a liquid cooling system, 6.39-inch AMOLED display and 4,000mAh battery, we've spotted a Black Shark 2 gaming phone with 128GB of storage going for PHP 22,990. Take note that this device wasn't released locally and the product listing that we're sharing is a Global ROM model.

Vivo V11i 4GB/128GB

  • Current Price: PHP 11,899
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 8,???

Here's a Vivo V11i with around a PHP 2K discount. It comes with a 25MP front-facing camera, MediaTek Helio P60, 4GB of RAM and 3,315mAh of battery. It's been almost a year since the device first launched in the country but loyal Vivo fans would probably appreciate this level of discount.

Vivo Y95 64GB

  • Current Price: PHP 10,999
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 8,???

Released just after the Vivo V11i, the Vivo Y95 comes with a Snapdragon 439 SoC, 20MP front-facing camera, 4GB of RAM and 4,030mAh of battery. Both the Vivo V11i and Vivo Y95 are fairly discounted and could be recommended to first time smartphone users or non-power users alike.

Lenovo Z5s 64GB Global ROM

  • Current Price: PHP 8,999
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 6,799

The Lenovo Z5s is pretty much underrated. For PHP 6,799, you're getting 4GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 710 SoC, Android 9 Pie, a 3,300mAh battery and a 6.3-inch FHD+ LTPS display. On paper, the Z5s is a great option for a mid-ranger that's under PHP 10K.

Smart TVs

COOCAA 43-inch Smart TV FHD LED

  • Current Price: PHP 14,990
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 12,090

COOCAA is practically new in the country, some of you might haven't even heard of them until now. Well, the company is China-based and has been selling TVs outside of China even before they started selling here in the Philippines. COOCAA made headlines when they first arrived in the country due to their very affordable pricing for Smart TVs. Now, COOCAA has done it again, offering an even more cheaper 43-inch Smart TV for just PHP 12,090!

COOCAA 50-inch Smart TV 4K LED

  • Current Price: PHP 19,990
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 17,990

50-inch, 4K resolution with Smart TV support for under PHP 20K. If that didn't put a smile on your face then you're probably not eyeing for a new TV.

Philips 50-inch Smart TV 4K LED

  • Current Price: PHP 28,995
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 19,999

Most of you probably know the brand "Philips", right? If you're the type who doesn't like to buy from a brand you haven't heard of, then this 50-inch Smart TV with 4K resolution from Philips going for just under PHP 20K should be a rare find indeed.

Bluetooth Speakers

JBL Charge 3

  • Current Price: PHP 8,099
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 4,???

If you're an Audiophile then you probably know JBL. Here's a JBL Charge 3 discounted at almost half its originally price.

JBL Charge 4

  • Current Price: PHP 9,499
  • 11.11 Sale Price: PHP 6,???

Here's another JBL device which is much newer than the previous item. Although the discount is less than the Charge 3, a PHP 2K (approximately) discount is still a bargain.

The availability of the items and pricing mentioned in this article could change on or before the scheduled event. We suggest that after viewing the item(s), that you put the item(s) in your cart in advance and try to monitor for any changes. This way, not only will you save time in looking for the item when you visit Lazada but you'll get to see any updates faster as well as get an upper hand once the sale begins.

Aside from the ones mentioned in this article, Lazada has plenty of more products in store for the event. Regardless of which product you buy, we hope you the best and a happy singles day.

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