Oct 1, 2018

Best Dual-SIM Phones in the Philippines 2018

Getting a dual-SIM phone can be a tricky choice since there are plenty of options available out there. To help you make an educated choice, we here at Priceprice.com have put together a list of the best dual-SIM smartphones.

Having a dual-SIM smartphone used to be a feature that most users have taken for granted, but with the advent of better cellular technology combined with more and more Filipinos going abroad, having a dual-SIM smartphone is becoming a much sought-after feature, giving users the ability to use a 2nd SIM card as a backup or retain their original SIM card and use a 2nd SIM card while travelling in a foreign country.

Here is our list of the best dual-SIM smartphones that are available right now in the local market.




Lowest Price in the Philippines P34,400

The HUAWEI P20 Pro is known for having one of the best cameras in a smartphone, with its optics co-engineered by one of the leading camera manufacturers in the world, Leica. Experts have dubbed the P20 Pro as one of the most advanced smartphones for 2018. This smartphone is a perfect replacement for a DSLR camera in some scenarios, making this the ideal travel camera.

This smartphone has a large 6.1-inch FullView OLED display panel with a full HD resolution of 1080 x 2244 pixels with a rounded notch on the top display, housing the earpiece and the front-facing camera. The thin bezels on this smartphone give its users more display real estate than previously seen on other smartphones.

The P20 Pro is configured with the HiSilicon Kirin 970 SoC that features an octa-core processor capable of running at clock speeds of up to 2.4 GHz, which combined with the 6GB of RAM make this smartphone more than capable of running multiple applications all at the same time. It comes with 128GB of internal storage, with no external storage option.

The 4,000mAh battery is one of the biggest batteries in today's flagship level smartphones and can last up to 8 hours of heavy usage before needing to charge it but can last more than 24 hours on light usage and on battery saver settings, minimizing the need for an external power bank.

The HUAWEI P20 Pro supports the latest LTE networks around the world, and the fact that it is lightweight at just 180 grams, can be easily held with one hand, and is waterproof and can withstand adverse weather conditions make this the ideal mobile smartphone to take with you on international travels.

Priced at around PHP 35K, this is one of the reasonably-priced flagship level smartphones in the market.

OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6

Lowest Price in the Philippines P22,322.55

The OnePlus 6 is one of the most powerful smartphones in the market, it comes with a very powerful processor that is able to go toe-to-toe with other current flagship smartphones available right now, plus its camera is able to produce beautiful images that is able to exceed most of point-and-shoot cameras.

This smartphone comes in an all-glass chassis that gives it a premium feel and a sleek look. It comes with 6.28-inch AMOLED display panel that has a WQHD+ resolution that displays sharp fonts and images. The top display features a slim notch that houses that earpiece and the selfie-camera.

Powering the OnePlus 6 is the Snapdragon 845 SoC that features an octa-core processor powerful enough to run multiple tasks at the same time with little or no effect on performance. There are two options for RAM, 6 or 8GB, which are both more than sufficient to handle multi-tasking requirements for most users.

The rear camera has been highly rated by critics and has been observed to produce quality images in most scenarios. The setup is powered by dual cameras with 16 and 20-megapixel sensors. For storage, the base model has 64GB with the highest option at 256GB. We recommend getting the bigger storage variant since this mobile phone does not have expandable storage.

With regard to connectivity, it supports the latest LTE and mobile network standards which makes it perfect for users who are always on the go. The battery is a non-removable 3300mAh battery pack that supports Fast Charging, with battery life able to last for an entire day before needing to charge it. Since the OnePlus 6 comes with Android Oreo, the OS is optimized to ensure that applications do not drain the battery unnecessarily, giving it an even longer battery life if needed.

With a starting price point of just under PHP 26K, this smartphone is one of the better phones on this list and is available at a mobile phone store near you.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (2017)

Lowest Price in the Philippines P10,500

Samsung's Galaxy J7 Pro (2017) is a mid-level smartphone that sports a premium look and is packed with features that can be found only in flagship-level smartphones, making it a good deal for those who are looking for a good phone but is on a strict budget.

The Galaxy J7 Pro features a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display panel with a 1080p full HD display resolution. The top and front bezels are bigger than most phones today so there is no notch for this smartphone.

The camera on this smartphone is known for producing great images even during the night, which is a big advantage over most smartphones in the same class, since most smartphones in the same price range tend to produce noisy images in low light conditions. Both the selfie and the rear cameras have a 13-megapixel sensor that are capable of capturing good images.

Driving the Galaxy J7 Pro is the mid-level Exynos 7870 chipset which is enough to run a few apps at the same time, but it will slow down if you throw too many tasks at it all at once. Paired with the Exynos chipset is 3GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable storage.

This smartphone runs on Android 7.0 Nougat and has dual-SIM card support with both slots supporting LTE connectivity.

Currently priced at around under PHP 11K, this smartphone is aimed towards users who want a decent enough smartphone to run the latest applications but have a very limited budget for a new smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

Samsung Galaxy Note9

Samsung Galaxy Note9

Lowest Price in the Philippines P38,909.99

Samsung's current flagship, the Galaxy Note9, is arguably the most powerful Android smartphone available in the market right now. Endowed with large internal storage, huge RAM and a powerful CPU, this smartphone can breeze through even a power user's daily requirements without breaking a sweat.

The Galaxy Note9 has a big 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display panel with a WQHD+ resolution, making all sorts of tasks ranging from office-related tasks to binge watching your favorite Netflix shows a very pleasant experience.

The Philippine version of the Galaxy Note9 comes with Samsung's very own Exynos 9810 chipset which features an octa-core processor that is capable of clock speeds of up to 2.7GHz. It comes in 2 storage + RAM variants: 6GB RAM / 128GB storage and 8GB RAM / 512GB storage, both of which are larger than what was previously offered in any smartphone. What's even more amazing is that the storage on the Galaxy Note9 is expandable up to an additional 512GB, giving users access to up to 1TB of storage at the palm of their hands.

The cameras on this smartphone are also one of the industry leaders, with reviewers saying that the images and videos produced on the Galaxy Note9 is one of the best that they have seen from a smartphone. The rear cameras have a dual 12-megapixel sensor setup with f/1.5 aperture, making it possible to capture shots in night condition and still have great image quality. The cameras also have optical image stabilization, so the user will still be able to capture good images even with shaky hands.

The Galaxy Note9 runs on Android 8.1 Oreo and will be upgraded to Android 9.0 Pie as soon as Samsung released the upgrade patch. It also supports the latest network connectivity and Bluetooth options, with reviewers saying that they are able to achieve faster than usual network speeds on the Galaxy Note9 compared to other smartphones.

With prices starting at around PHP 46K, this smartphone is aimed towards users who are willing to invest in a piece of today's leading mobile phone technology.




Lowest Price in the Philippines P15,944.53

The POCOPHONE F1 by Xiaomi is the best value-to-performance smartphone that we have on this list. Priced at just under PHP 18K but packed with the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 845 chipset paired with liquid cooling technology, this smartphone was successfully able to balance budget with performance.

This smartphone has a 6.18-inch full HD+ display panel. The Snapdragon 845 chipset comes with 6GB or 8GB of RAM, making multi-tasking a breeze. There are 2 storage options for the POCOPHONE F1: 64GB and 128GB.

The POCOPHONE F1 comes with a 4000mAh battery pack which is enough for an entire day of normal usage but should last for 2 or more days if battery saver options are enabled, which is perfect for users who do not have immediate access to a power source. Quick charge is supported which translates to time savings.

The only minor drawback to this smartphone is that it doesn't support 1080p resolution on Netflix due to an encoder issue that's been unveiled by some of the reviewers who tested this phone, something to take into consideration in case you want to buy this smartphone.

The POCOPHONE F1 by Xiaomi is an amazing phone that packs flagship-level specs at a mid-level smartphone price, so getting this is definitely a bargain. This phone is available at the official Mi stores in Metro Manila or via online retailers.

ASUS ZenFone 5Z ZS620KL

ASUS ZenFone 5Z ZS620KL

ASUS ZenFone 5Z ZS620KL

Lowest Price in the Philippines P27,995

The ZenFone 5Z ZS620KL is ASUS' high-end smartphone and is the flagship of their ZenFone 5 line of smartphones, packing powerful specifications. The ZenFone 5 line of smartphones is part of ASUS' efforts of realigning their smartphone's technology to be focused more on mobile photography, adopting the "We love photo" tagline.

The ZenFone 5Z ZS620KL has a 6.2-inch Super IPS+ display panel with a 2246 x 1080 full HD+ resolution, giving the phone a 90% screen-to-body resolution. The top of the display features a display notch which houses the sensor, the earpiece, and the front-facing 8-megapixel selfie camera. The rear cameras have dual 12-megapixel and 8-megapixel sensors that has f/1.4 aperture, making night photography possible. The camera software supports AI, adapting color and lighting to the subject and its environment, making the photos pop.

This smartphone is powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor and is paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, which is further expandable by microSD card. New users will get free 100GB of cloud storage from Google Drive with every purchase of this smartphone.

Priced at around PHP 27K, this smartphone is ideal for users who are into mobile photography and wants a smartphone that can potentially serve as a backup camera to their main camera.

HUAWEI nova 3i / nova 3

HUAWEI nova 3i

HUAWEI nova 3i

Lowest Price in the Philippines P12,755.52

HUAWEI nova 3

HUAWEI nova 3

Lowest Price in the Philippines P19,665.04

HUAWEI's nova series of smartphones are aesthetically pleasing smartphones that are both designed to cater to the mid-level market, with the primary difference being that the HUAWEI nova 3 has more powerful specifications compared to the nova 3i.

Both the nova 3 and 3i smartphones have a 6.3-inch full HD+ resolution display panel and are rich in colors. The nova 3 is powered by the octa-core Kirin 970 chipset that can reach clock speeds of up to 2.36GHz, while the nova 3i is powered by the less powerful octa-core Kirin 710 chipset that can reach clock speeds of up to 2.2GHz. The nova 3 and 3i both come with 6GB of RAM, though the 3i has an option for 4GB of RAM. Both phones also have 64GB and 128GB internal storage options, with the option to expand it via microSD card.

Another difference between the two phones is the battery size, but it's only a very slight difference, the nova 3 has a 3750mAh battery, while the nova 3i has a 3340mAh battery life.

The nova 3i has a dual-rear camera setup of 16 megapixels + 2 megapixels and a dual-front camera setup of 24 megapixels + 2 megapixels. The nova 3 has a superior rear-camera setup of 24 megapixels + 16 megapixels and dual-front camera setup of 24 megapixels + 2 megapixels as well. Combined with the AI camera software, the selfie-camera game of these 2 smartphones are very strong.

The nova 3i is priced at around PHP 14K, and the nova 3 is priced around PHP 22K.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

Lowest Price in the Philippines P34,509.99

Sony's Xperia XZ2 Premium is one of the higher end smartphones on this list but is it worth the price? Packed with plenty of features and a 4K screen, this smartphone certainly stands out from the crowd.

This smartphone is equipped with a 5.8-inch 4K-resolution display panel, which is smaller compared to most phones on this list. Powering this flagship phone is the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 845 chipset paired with 6GB of RAM, which is more than powerful enough to run multi-tasking applications and drive the 4K-resolution display.

The Xperia XZ2 Premium comes with 64GB of storage and is expandable up to 400GB via microSD card. It also supports dual-SIM configurations, though using a microSD card will eat up one of the SIM card slots. It runs on Android 8.0 Oreo, and it's not known right now whether it is upgradable to Android 9.0 Pie.

Priced at around PHP 41K, it's worth it if you want a 4K resolution phone, otherwise you're better off choosing another phone on this list.

HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro

HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro

HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro

Lowest Price in the Philippines P22,990

The HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro smartphone is HUAWEI's high-end smartphone and what makes it stand out is its main cameras that were co-engineered with one of the world leaders in camera technology, Leica. Its cameras combined with its loaded specs make it a force to reckon with.

It comes with a 6-inch OLED display panel with an HD+ resolution. Powering this smartphone is the Kirin 970 chipset with an octa-core processor capable of running up to 2.36GHz, powerful enough to run the most demanding of applications.

The Mate 10 Pro is offered in 2 variants, 4GB RAM + 64GB internal storage, and 6GB RAM + 128GB internal storage. It comes with Android 8.0 Oreo, and could be upgraded to Android 9.0 Pie once it becomes available.

The Leica-engineed cameras have a dual 20-megapixel main sensor and 12-megapixel secondary sensor, and OIS support that will give users with shaky hands clear pictures regardless.

Currently priced at around PHP 28K, this a highly recommended smartphone if you want a high-performing smartphone with an excellent camera to go with it.


Getting a dual-SIM smartphone is important especially for enterprise-level or frequent travelers, so getting the right phone is absolutely crucial.

Be sure to weigh your needs: do you need a decent camera? Do you need large stock storage to store files? Will it fit in the budget? These are the important questions that need to be answered.

We created this list of the top smartphones available in the Philippines right now with the end goal of helping you choose the right phone across a wide spectrum of price and features, so we hope that you will find this list to be useful for your next smartphone purchase.

DISCLAIMER: Availability of the given prices may change over time.