Jul 11, 2019

Advanced Thinking: Samsung Goes All-In as They Invest in 6G Technology

5G was just recently offered in South Korea, but Samsung has decided to strike while the iron is hot and invested in the next-generation 6G technology as they look to become leaders in the telco equipment business.

The smoke from the 5G transition still hasn't cleared - not all countries even have 5G yet, but true to its innovative spirit, Samsung is already working on 6G technology.

Even though they are relatively low key in the telco equipment business, the move for Samsung to start their R&D on 6G this early is a smart business move as they will be positioning themselves as a 6G leader, putting them in a better position to compete against the telco equipment giants like Ericsson, HUAWEI and Nokia.

Samsung recently created the Advanced Communications Research Center based in Seoul, South Korea in order to support its telco research initiatives. The company said that the current team on telecommunications technology standards has been expanded to start leading research on the 6G network."

It's been speculated that 6G can deliver internet speeds of up to 1TB/s, which is faster compared to the internet speeds being offered on fixed-line internet connections right now. Considering that only a very few actually need that much bandwidth right now, that could very much change in the future, especially now that artificial intelligence is on the rise, and demand for connected appliances and devices are becoming more common.

It's not yet known how 6G technology will work, as the proponents are still figuring out the standard, but it is expected to use satellite technology to support its high-bandwidth requirements.

That being said, it would take 10 years before we actually see 6G, especially with the situation right now where some countries have just finished fully rolling out 3G and 4G technology. Only a small number of countries have 5G, with South Korea being the first to offer it commercially, followed by the US and the UK. 5G in Spain was just rolled out last month, with telcos in the UK and the US slowly rolling out 5G in key cities.

The recent move by Samsung to invest in 6G equipment development can be considered a brilliant move, especially now with all the trouble concerning HUAWEI and the United States. This could very well open up a new revenue stream for the South Korean giant.

Samsung is not the only one with 6G on their minds; other companies like LG and even the Chinese government are already investing in 6G R&D and are aiming for a 2020 network test date. For more news about 6G and the latest tech developments, stay tuned here.

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