ZTE Grand Mobile Phones Price List in the Philippines November 2018

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ZTE Grand X V970

ZTE Grand X V970

  • Smartphone, Android 4.0
  • 4.3 inches, qHD (960 x 540)
  • 2G, 3G, 4GB, 0.5GB
P2,999 (1 Price)
ZTE Grand X2 V967S

ZTE Grand X2 V967S

  • Smartphone, Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean
  • 5inches, 960 x 540
  • 4GB, 1GB
- (0 Prices)
ZTE Grand S

ZTE Grand S

  • Smartphone, Android 4.1
  • 5 inches, FHD (1080 x 1920)
  • 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), 16GB, 2GB
- (0 Prices)
ZTE Grand X LTE T82

ZTE Grand X LTE T82

  • Smartphone, Android 4.0
  • 4.3 inches, qHD (960 x 540)
  • 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), 4GB, 1GB
- (0 Prices)
ZTE Grand X2 L V969

ZTE Grand X2 L V969

  • Phablet, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • 5.5inches, 960 x 540
  • 4GB, 1GB
- (0 Prices)
ZTE Grand X Quad V987

ZTE Grand X Quad V987

  • Smartphone, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • 5.0 inches, 1280 x 720
  • 2G, 3G, 4GB, 1GB
- (0 Prices)
ZTE Grand S3

ZTE Grand S3

  • Phablet, Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 5.5 inches, 1920 x 1080
  • 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), 16GB, 3GB
- (0 Prices)
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ZTE Grand Mobile Phones Price 2018

Latest ZTE Grand Mobile Phones Price
ZTE Grand X V970 P2,999
ZTE Grand X V970 ZTE Grand X V970

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  • Date : Mar 27, 2015

Ang dabest sa phone nato ay ang screen display sobrang ganda sakto lang sa mata, may protector pa, the rest na features okay lang naman sa internet sapat na saken , okay rin yung battery nito.. ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.0
  • Review by Benj Sater
  • Date : Nov 10, 2014

LIKE ZTE-The newest brand of phone the ZTE Grand X2, which is good for some users because the processor of ZTE is now a quad core , so its fast and the speed is okay, not loading.. And of course the ...Read more

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About ZTE Grand

The ZTE Corporation, wherein ZTE Mobile is one of its divisions, has been in the business of manufacturing integrated telecommunications products and services for over 25 years. The company is dedicated to implementing its scientific development concept while keeping true to its corporate social responsibility. In fact, ZTE Corp became a member of the UN Global Compact which aims to promote harmonious development among environment, economy and society.

One of the company’s visions is to provide customers with a means to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the changing world and make sure they create positive impact on the societies they belong to. It is also dedicated to implement a CSR strategy that is in compliance with the industry’s best practices.

History of ZTE Mobile

Listed as one of the top five manufacturers of mobile handsets and smartphones in the world, ZTE has managed to impress consumers with its complete range of products that include mobile phones, tablets, broadband modems and hotspots and even family desktop integration terminals. Being one of the global leaders, it is also not surprising that ZTE works with over 230 major carriers as well as distributors in more than 160 countries and regions all over the world.

At the start of 2011, ZTE made an announcement that it will be focusing on the smartphone market. True to its word, the company has successfully managed to produce smartphones of every price and feature level. The bestselling of all units is the ZTE Blade model which sold over 10 million units in over 50 countries. It is closely followed by ZTE Skate which sold over 5 million units.

Popularity in the Philippines

With the brand synonymous to reliability and affordability, ZTE managed to capture the Filipinos’ attention and soon became one of the preferred mobile devices. The company is quite smart in its marketing strategy that initially involved the introduction of entry level feature phones with 3G connectivity. The collection showcased candy bar type phones with keypads except for the S226 model which is a Touch and QWERTY handset.

Of course, ZTE deemed it necessary to introduce mid-level and high-level handsets to satisfy the tech savvy Filipinos. Their line of smartphones features various operating systems including Android, Windows and Mozilla Firefox; works with 4G (LTE), 3G and 2G networks; screen sizes from 3.5 inches to over 5 inches; and single, dual or quad core processors.

Prices for their mobile devices range from P2800 to P11500. Most come with Dual SIM and WiFi connectivity. As for their tablet devices, ZTE did not skimp on features despite the relatively lower prices. The Light Tab 2 model, for instance, boasts of 1.4GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and 7 inches touchscreen display. It was priced P15490 in 2012 when it was first introduced in the market.

Official Stores

ZTE Mobile phones and tablets can be bought from authorised dealers and retailers which can be found in major shopping malls all over the nation. There are also a lot of online shops and stores carrying their mobile handsets and tablets and you can easily enjoy the best deals by shopping and comparing prices.


Last November 2013, ZTE announced that it will be selling smart watches by 2014. This announced comes in the light of the launch of smart watches by other big mobile device companies such as Samsung. The company hopes to take a share of the market by producing low price wearable connected device alternatives. Since the technology is quite new, current prices for the smart watches are still pretty steep but experts believe that they will fall quickly with the other brands coming up with their own designs.

In addition to smart watches, ZTE is also looking into investing in the development of smart glasses. The company admitted that it would take time to develop these connected glasses but hopes to launch the smart watches as early as the first quarter of 2014. Also, it hopes to focus more on high level phones instead of the low technology feature phones in the near future, boosting its advertising and distribution. ZTE Mobile is also set to produce Microsoft’s Windows platform-based phones as its US group completes the Nokia acquisition.

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