Jul 28, 2016

Samsung Files Patent for New Wireless Chargers

Samsung is looking to bring a trio of new designs to the wireless charging world, and they've filed the patent for good measure.

For those people who have fallen in love with wireless charging, and for those who have yet to discover its benefits, Samsung is filing a patent for a new kind of wireless charger. The patent application was found by Patently Mobile, and its timing is curious considering the upcoming Samsung product launch event next week.

In all honesty, the application being described doesn't look all that ground breaking, but it's an important step for Samsung to really get people on board the Galaxy Gear smartwatch train, and other wearables.

The new patent application was filed earlier in January this year, listing three different charger designs which are different from the common flatbed design we see today. The new designs supposedly will allow the charger to work with not just smartphones but other devices like cameras, smartwatches, necklaces, glasses, head-mounted devices like VR goggles, and even electronic tattoos.

The different charging designs do allow for some fancy charging techniques, like charging both your smartphone and smartwatch at the same time. This is a pretty useful capability, as most wireless chargers today only charge one device at a time.

The first design is but a square block with the smartphone charging elevated on the top of the block, it's simple and most similar to today's designs, aside from the elevated surface.

The second design has an indentation on the top of the block, where a fitness band or smartwatch would nestle snugly and securely to charge overnight. It would take care of one of the main issues of wireless charging: finicky device placement.

The last design is a total all-in-one setup that has a tilted surface, allowing your smartphone to rest at an angle while charging, making it more convenient to use the phone while it is charging. The bottom portion will allow for you to wrap the smartwatch around it, charging both devices at the same time.

Although there's nothing particularly game changing about these designs, and we've already seen slanted wireless chargers as early as the Palm Pre a decade ago, and this doesn't get rid of the main complaint people have with wireless chargers: you still can't wirelessly charge over the air.

But these designs could show up at Samsung's event next week, or not. It's often hard to tell with patents, some go to market, some never see the light of day.

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