May 25, 2018

RIVER Bank: A Power Bank Which Can Charge a Phone, Laptop or Jump-start a Car

A stackable 51,200mAh power bank dubbed as the RIVER Bank is on the verge of launch following a seemingly successful crowdfunding program. The RIVER Bank can charge phones and laptops as well as jump-start cars. If things go as planned, it will launch in the middle of this year.

San Francisco-based EcoFlow Tech has designed a modular power bank called "RIVER Bank" to power a range of devices. Whether it is wirelessly charging a phone, powering laptops and cameras on the go or even jump-starting a car, the RIVER Bank is meant to meet all these needs. The company claims it is the world's largest portable charging system. With a whopping 51,200mAh capacity, the RIVER Bank beats most of the external batteries hands down. It can charge up to six devices simultaneously.

The RIVER Bank consists of three modules: Main module, Car module and an AC module. They can be used standalone and can also be stacked on top of each other. They transfer power amongst themselves or even charge one another in case of low battery. The Main module includes a wireless charging pad, two USB-C ports, two USB ports and a USB hub meant for speedy data transfer. The module has 25,600mAh, a 94Wh battery which can charge a laptop one to three times, a phone nine to fifteen times, a tablet three times, a GoPro over twenty times and a Nintendo Switch six times.

The Car module has a USB-C port and a jump start port. It packs a 4,000mAh, 44Wh battery, which can jump-start a car up to ten times. On the other hand, an AC module comprises a 100-watt AC port and a USB-C port. It possesses the same 25,600mAh, 94Wh battery as that of the Main module. Depending on charging needs, one can customize these modules into different packs. The Main module and AC module can be combined to get an AC pack. Main module and Car module will together constitute a Jump pack while all the three modules will create a pack called the RIVER Bank Complete.

Since the RIVER Bank can be used as a separate module, it can be carried aboard flights, because no individual module exceeds the permissible limit for batteries. The ultra-lightweight RIVER Bank supports solar charging along with the conventional wired charging method. The RIVER Bank is currently seeking crowdfunding support at So far it has raised more than a million dollars. The Main module is priced at USD199 (approx. PHP10,400), while the Jump pack and AC pack are offered at the same price of USD295 (approx. PHP15,500) respectively at

EcoFlow plans to launch the device in the US, Canada, the EU, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. The start of sales will likely be different for different markets. In the US, however, it may hit the shelves in August. Some markets might see the launch earlier, presumably in June or July.

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