Oct 10, 2018

Nintendo Has Just Patented A Playable Game Boy Smartphone and Tablet Case

The patented playable Game Boy case is reportedly intended for both smartphones and tablets and will come with fully-operational buttons.

If you happen to be one of those who has already gotten tired of dealing with Game Boy emulators with unreliable buttons and third-party cases that just couldn't inject a familiar nostalgia into such an experience, then fret not. The Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has finally patented a smartphone case that is fit and efficient enough for you to enjoy the classic gaming experience.

Courtesy of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a patent application for what appears to be a legitimate Game Boy smartphone case with fully-operational buttons has emerged. The patent filing reveals that the case will be both removable and attachable to an electronic device with a touchscreen. Also, the case will double as a protection from the occasional drops your phone might experience down the line.

The patent filing also reveals that the intended Game Boy case will cater to other electronic equipment like a tablet terminal. As such, even the iPads or any Android tablet could also benefit from the case.

In a nutshell, the patented Game Boy smartphone case will be just like any other attachable control accessories, only infinitely better. And so, when users press a button right on the cover, the touch panel underneath it will correspond accordingly and result to a certain action on the screen.

Interestingly, the patent did not reveal which applications or games the cover will be supporting on. At the time of this writing, its real functionality is still up in the air. Meanwhile, Nintendo hasn't mentioned the words such as "game" or even "Game Boy" in the patent filing. As such, only the implied Game Boy-like drawn case is the source of this development.

All said, the patented Game Boy case still remains to be, well, a patent on all fronts. With that, there's no certainty as to when such case will get retailed or put it bluntly if it would ever get released. But if this ever materializes, this is truly going to be a win-win for Nintendo which is obviously banking on the success of its classic portable console.

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