Mar 26, 2018

Meizu launches Kumamon travel set for CNY599

For the globetrotter kind of people, Meizu has launched a Kumamon travel set, which is already up for sale on its official website for CNY599 (approx. PHP4,960). The travel set includes a power bank, suitcase, sleep mask, neck pillow, and travel purse.

Ahead of the launch of the Meizu E3, there had been a rumor suggesting that the Chinese manufacturer will also unveil a Kumamon Bear Edition of the Meizu E3 along with the regular version of the handset. But, on the contrary, Meizu launched the J-20 Collector's Edition of the Meizu E3 at the unveiling a couple of days ago.

Nevertheless, Kumamon made its presence felt differently. Instead of launching a Kumamon Edition Meizu E3 smartphone, Meizu launched the Kumamon travel set. The travel set includes a power bank, suitcase, sleep mask, neck pillow, and travel purse. Needless to say, all the items are Kumamon branded.

For those who are unaware, Kumamon is the official mascot of Kumamoto prefecture in Japan. The mascot was created to promote tourism within the region. Just a year after its creation, the mascot won the laurel of becoming Japan's most popular mascot. The mascot has since been a money spinner for various retailers and manufacturers.

Anyways, to start with the Kumamon power bank, it is of 10,000mAh capacity. The power bank is the same as that of the Meizu M20 power bank from last year. However, it now comes in all-black color option instead of the white color option of the Meizu M20. It is priced at CNY169 (approx. PHP1,400). Later on, a red variant of the Kumamon power bank is also likely to join the lineup.

The next item is the suitcase which is equipped with 360-degree wheels, a lever, and a TSA-approved lock. The suitcase in black color option is available at a price tag of CNY349 (approx. PHP2,890). A red variant with the same price is also launched, but currently, it is not available for purchase.

Another essential travel companion is the neck pillow which is priced at CNY79 (approx. PHP650). The best part is when the pillow remains unused, it can double as a small Kumamon bear for kids to have fun. A sleep mask of CNY19 (approx. PHP150) is also included in the travel set. There is also a small purse worth CNY69 (approx. PHP570) to store a phone, power bank, and sleep mask.

The items of the Kumamon travel set can be bought separately as per their utility to a user. But if purchased together as a set, it is available on discount. The whole set can be owned at a price of CNY599 (approx. PHP4,960) against the total price of CNY696 (approx. PHP5,770) if purchased separately.

If you often wish to satisfy your wanderlust, the Kumamon travel set is just what you would need. The travel set is already up for sale on the official website of Meizu at the above-mentioned price point.