Jul 9, 2018

Belkin Introduces the World's First Apple-certified Power Bank with Lightning Input

A power bank that deserves to be touted as the world's first to come with a Lightning port input for charging is finally here.

Since the inception of power banks, none of the leading brands in this segment have come up with a variant that is equipped with a Lightning port input for charging. This week, American tech-maker Belkin is changing that game.

Belkin has launched the BOOSTCHARGE Power Bank 10K with Lightning Connector, a portable power juicer that comes with 10,000mAh capacity and two varying ports, a 2.4A USB-A port and a 1.0A USB-A port. The device is deemed as one of the industry's groundbreaking inventions as iPhone and iPad users can now enjoy the Lightning port input feature that's not been developed for years.

The Lightning port input also provides the benefit of using only a single cable to either charge the battery pack or use the pack to charge the user's iPhone or iPad. If you have a Lightning dock on your desk, you may opt to use it to charge the power bank. On the other hand, it should be noted that it's much thicker than an iPhone which indicates that not all these docks can accommodate the said power bank.

Deemed as the world's first power bank with Apple MFi certification, the BOOSTCHARGE Power Bank 10K with Lightning Connector boasts of a button-activated set of four LEDs right on top of it. These LEDs show the current charge level while the button allows users to choose between charging input and output options depending on their needs.

The BOOSTCHARGE Power Bank 10K with Lightning Connector measures about 6 inches long and around 2.75 inches wide. And as it is only under 0.75 inches thick, the device comes off as slightly smaller albeit considerably thicker if compared with a larger iPhone. Its weight is over 8 ounces, which is about 25 percent more than that of a Plus-sized iPhone.

Belkin's BOOSTCHARGE Power Bank 10K with Lightning Connector retails at USD 59.99 (around PHP 3,120). It comes in black and white color options. The power bank has been available for pre-order starting on July 5 and should begin its shipping around August.