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Feb 4, 2021

Best Microwave Ovens Under PHP 5,000 in the Philippines 2021

Planning to buy a new microwave oven for your home? Here we have an exclusive list of the best microwave ovens under PHP 5k online in the Philippines.

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A microwave oven may seem like a luxury to people with a very tight budget, especially with the pandemic still looming around us. But there are a few beneficial points to owning a microwave oven, like cutting down your gas bill or saving you from a lot of dish-washing.

Microwave ovens have become affordable, with the market flooded with different models. Though modestly priced, these products provide their users with features that are normally found in expensive models. The advancement of technology has also made modern microwaves more efficient and reliable than older iterations.

Features to Look For in a Microwave Oven

There are a few points worth noting if you're looking for the perfect microwave oven. The main thing is to check, before purchase, what features you need. Some models may look identical, but could be made from different materials with different durability. The inner cavity tends to get dirty from food spilling or popping when preheating, so a ceramic enamel coating will provide more protection and be easier to maintain.

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Checking the output is also important because higher outputs can mean shorter wait times for cooking or preheating. Finding the perfect product for you can be hard, but no worries: we're here to suggest a few affordable options.

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Below is an exclusive list of microwave ovens, in no particular order, that are priced under PHP 5k and offer different capabilities to suit your everyday needs.

Best Microwave Ovens Under PHP 5,000 in the Philippines

1. Hanabishi HMO 20MDLX3

The Hanabishi HMO 20MDLX3 microwave is a very affordable product that's easy to use and compact with its 20L capacity. It also comes with important features that can help with most of your cooking needs.

The design of the Hanabishi HMO 20MDLX3 is very simple and the manual controls are clearly indicated to help manage your usage. The 20L capacity is big enough to fit whatever food you're reheating. The product also has 6 power level options for different food preparation. The glass turntable is easy to clean and well balanced to take on heavier weight.

As far as features are concerned, this microwave has a defrost function to help you thaw meat, vegetables, or leftover food that you have frozen. This functionality will cut downtime that you need to prepare food, giving you more time for other tasks. The heat resistant glass is an excellent safety feature that will protect you from the extreme build-up of heat generated after prolonged use of the microwave.

Hanabishi HMO 20MDLX3 Key Specifications

Capacity20 L
Feature・Manual control ・6 power levels ・Glass turntable ・Defrost function ・Cooking timer ・Heat-resistant glass ・Pull out handle

2. Whirlpool MWX 201 XEB

The Whirlpool MWX 201 XEB looks very similar to the previous entry with its very basic design, manual controls and timer.

This microwave oven is affordable and has very fundamental functions ideal for small families with its 20L capacity. The design is highlighted by chrome trimming on the handle and control knobs. The mechanical control is easy to use with the numbers and characters clearly marked.

The Whirlpool MWX 201 XEB boasts 700W input power. Additional features include defrosting functions and 6 power levels to choose from. Using the defrost function of this microwave is a great way to cut down your prep time for cooking. As far as build quality, the great warranty Whirlpool is offering gives you peace of mind.

Whirlpool MWX 201 XEB Key Specifications

Dimensions10.25 x 17.75 x 13.75 inches (HxWxD)
Capacity20 L
Feature・Mechanical Control ・Chrome Trim Handle ・Chrome Trim Knob


The XTREME XMO-20DS is a budget microwave oven with stylish design and updated controls. It also comes with some useful features.

The 20L capacity of the XTREME XMO-20DS is a good size for a small family. The membrane touch pad control allows you to enter commands, which will then appear on a small LED screen to give you full control over the microwave's operation. The output is 700 Watts, sufficient for reheating and cooking.

The XTREME XMO-20DS also comes with a defrosting feature which provides added productivity.

XTREME XMO-20DS Key Specifications

TypeMicrowave, Oven
Dimensions439.5 x 357.5 x 258.5 mm
Capacity20 L
Power Consumption700 W
Feature・Stylish Design and Appearance ・5 Power Levels ・Deforest Function ・255mm turntable

4. Electrolux EMM2003K

The Electrolux EMM2003K is a capable product, a great addition to your kitchen with some very useful features.

Although it may look like a standard microwave, it comes with some benefits not found in basic models. The design of this 20L capacity appliance is very simple with mechanical controls and a timer. The power output is 700 Watts, which is what you would expect from options in this price segment.

The enamel coating inside the microwave is very helpful as it makes cleaning easier. The coating also provides an extra layer of protection with a scratch-resistant surface and adds durability.

Also offered are added features like easy defrost, which quickly thaws your frozen meat and seafood. What's more, the Electrolux EMM2003K has an auto-off function to automatically turn the device off after your task is complete―another feature to help you save electricity.

Electrolux EMM2003K Key Specifications

TypeMicrowave, Oven
Dimensions496 x 354 x 292 mm (WxHxD)
Capacity20 L
Power Consumption700 W
Feature・Easy Defrost ・Auto Off Timer

5. Hanabishi HMO MBD 20 Liters

The Hanabishi HMO MBD 20 Liters is an affordable microwave oven with premium design and features normally seen in more premium models.

The Hanabishi HMO MBD 20 Liters sports a matte black finish with a chrome accent at the pullout handle. This product has a 20L capacity and a glass turntable, while also featuring 10 power levels. Its highlight is its digital control with numerous short-cut buttons to aid you when selecting different cooking options.

Hanabishi HMO MBD 20 Liters Key Specifications

TypeMicrowave, Oven
Capacity20 L
Feature- 10 power levels - Defrost setting - Glass turntable - Pull out handle

6. Fujidenzo MM 22 BL

The Fujidenzo MM 22 BL is an elegant and modern microwave oven with very a basic design.

This microwave features a black body with a silver coating on the handle and knobs. The mechanical knobs where the timer and settings are located are clearly labeled. It also has 5 power levels and a 700W output.

There are additional features that come with this model, like the end-of-cooking signal and a defrost function. One of the highlights of the Fujidenzo MM 22 BL is the Smart Wave System that cuts cooking time, as heat gets transferred directly to the food. Defrosting cycles are also quicker with this technology, making Fujidenzo MM 22 BL a really good option.

Fujidenzo MM 22 BL Key Specifications

Capacity20 L
Power Consumption700 W
Feature・Mechanical Knob ・30-minute Timer ・5 Power Levels ・Defrost Function ・End-of-Cooking Signal ・Space saver design ・Smart Wave System

7. Condura Digital Microwave Oven 20L

Amongst the products on this list, the Condura Digital Microwave Oven 20L has the most premium look with a beautiful mirror finish. This microwave does not only look great but also has all the features you need.

The design of this product alone lets you know that this isn't a budget microwave. The interior has been designed for easy access and cleaning. The controls are just as eye-catching as the digital touch panel, allowing you to see all the different functions including an automatic menu that has a pre-set timer for different food items. It also comes with 10 power levels.

What's more, the Condura Digital Microwave Oven 20L offers a safety feature to lock the microwave as child protection.

Condura Digital Microwave Oven 20L Key Specifications

TypeMicrowave, Oven
Dimensions258 x 439 x 361 mm
Capacity20 L
Power Consumption1050 W (Microwave)
Feature・Digital touch panel ・Elegant mirror finish ・10 power levels ・Defrost function ・1 to 99 minute timer ・6 automatic menu ・End buzzer ・Child lock ・Easy to clean interior

8. American Home AMW-20MC

The American Home AMW-20MC is a popular choice thanks to its robust image and easy-to-operate functions. This microwave also comes with a very affordable price tag, perfect for people with a tight budget.

The American Home AMW-20MC was designed for durability with its stainless steel body and 3-layer porcelain coat. The inner cavity is designed to streamline your cleaning process. The power output for this microwave is 700 Watts and it works well for both reheating and defrosting. There are 6 power levels to choose from, giving you different options for cooking or preheating. There also is a manual control that's easy to use with clearly labeled dials.

American Home AMW-20MC Key Specifications

Capacity20 L
Power Consumption700 W
Feature・6 Power Levels ・Strong and Efficient Heating Power

9. Samsung MS23K3513AW/TC

The Samsung MS23K3513AW/TC is the largest microwave on this list and comes with various features, making it a great option for your home.

Featuring a very modern design, this product will fit any kitchen. Its ceramic enamel coating makes the microwave easy to maintain and the anti-scratch surface enables users to remove dirt without any hassle. The unique properties are also resistant to rust, which will contribute to prolonging its life. This microwave also has a pre-programmed setting that uses a variety of traditional home cooking recipes to cook your meal with a simple touch of a button. This function will save you time when preparing food.

The Samsung MS23K3513AW/TC features a power output of 1,200 Watts, and the quick defrost function with different modes makes food-defrosting a breeze. The microwave also comes with additional handy features including the Deodorization setting that forces air out of the interior cavity to disperse odors. It also has an Eco mode that significantly reduces power consumption when the microwave is on standby.

Samsung MS23K3513AW/TC Key Specifications

TypeMicrowave, Oven
Dimensions489 x 275 x 374 mm
Weight12 kg
Capacity23 L
Power Consumption1200 W
Feature・Auto Cook Function ・Healthy Preprogrammed Cooking ・Quick Defrost ・Eco Mode ・Ceramic Enamel Interior

10. Dowell MO-19D

The Dowell MO-19D is a well-built, budget-friendly microwave. It has quick and easy-to-use preset functions to help you preheat different food items.

The first thing you would notice is that everything about its design makes this product look durable with stainless steel housing. The 20L capacity is sufficient for preheating and cooking most meals. Also featured is a digital control panel with 5 preset cooking programs. Aside from this, there are 8 automatic modes to help with preheating various food items.

The Dowell MO-19D also has a 30-second quick mode to rapidly preheat your food, as well as helpful defrost modes with 2 different options. A beep sound function can be found too, informing you when your food is ready.

Dowell MO-19D Key Specifications

TypeMicrowave, Oven
Capacity20 L
Power Consumption1500 W
Feature・4-digit display ・2 defrost mode ・Weight & timer option ・8 automatic mode ・5-preset function ・30 sec quick mode ・Beep sound function


Just like any household appliance, it's best to make your choice from a reputable brand. Since you will be using your microwave on a daily basis, durability and safety should be a top priority as these aspects can also save you money from unwanted scenarios like repairs.

You don't have to cash out a big amount of money for a good microwave oven. Any model on our exclusive list will serve you right as they all come from reputable brands, proven and trusted by many.

Spec Comparison

Model Hanabishi HMO 20MDLX3 Hanabishi HMO 20MDLX3 Whirlpool MWX 201 XEB Whirlpool MWX 201 XEB XTREME XMO-20DS XTREME XMO-20DS Electrolux EMM2003K Electrolux EMM2003K Hanabishi HMO MBD 20 Liters Hanabishi HMO MBD 20 Liters Fujidenzo MM 22 BL Fujidenzo MM 22 BL Condura Digital Microwave Oven 20L Condura Digital Microwave Oven 20L American Home AMW-20MC American Home AMW-20MC Samsung MS23K3513AW/TC Samsung MS23K3513AW/TC Dowell MO-19D Dowell MO-19D
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Lowest Price P2,980 P3,058 P2,795 P3,415 P2,999.75 P2,888 P4,800 P2,698 P4,545 P4,100
Type Microwave Microwave Microwave, Oven Microwave, Oven Microwave, Oven Microwave Microwave, Oven Microwave Microwave, Oven Microwave, Oven
Dimensions - 10.25 x 17.75 x 13.75 inches (HxWxD) 439.5 x 357.5 x 258.5 mm 496 x 354 x 292 mm (WxHxD) - - 258 x 439 x 361 mm - 489 x 275 x 374 mm -
Weight - - - - - - - - 12 kg -
Capacity 20 L 20 L 20 L 20 L 20 L 20 L 20 L 20 L 23 L 20 L
Power Consumption - - 700 W 700 W - 700 W 1050 W (Microwave) 700 W 1200 W 1500 W
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