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Samsung Microwave Ovens Price List in the Philippines May 2021

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Samsung ME731K

Samsung ME731K

  • Microwave, Oven
P3,995 - (8 Prices)
Samsung MS23K3513AS/TC

Samsung MS23K3513AS/TC

  • Microwave, Oven
P4,495 - (19 Prices)
Samsung ME711K

Samsung ME711K

  • Microwave, Oven
P3,000 - (6 Prices)
Samsung MS23K3513AW/TC

Samsung MS23K3513AW/TC

  • Microwave, Oven
P4,545 - (7 Prices)
Samsung MS28J5255UB/TC

Samsung MS28J5255UB/TC

  • Microwave, Oven
P6,995 - (4 Prices)
Samsung MC35R8088LC/TC

Samsung MC35R8088LC/TC

  • Convection, Grill, Microwave, Oven
P22,645 - (6 Prices)
Samsung MC32K7055KT/TC

Samsung MC32K7055KT/TC

  • Oven, Grill, Microwave
P11,890 - (13 Prices)
Samsung MG30T5018CC/TC

Samsung MG30T5018CC/TC

  • Grill, Microwave, Oven
P8,945 - (5 Prices)
Samsung MS28F303TFK/TC

Samsung MS28F303TFK/TC

  • Microwave, Oven
P6,495 - (6 Prices)
updated on May 10, 2021, 09:51

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Samsung Microwave Ovens Latest Price in the Philippines May 2021

Latest Samsung Microwave Ovens Price
Samsung ME731K P3,995 -
Samsung MS23K3513AS/TC P4,495 -
Samsung MS32J5133AT/TC P6,428 -
Samsung ME711K P3,000 -
Samsung MS23K3513AW/TC P4,545 -
Samsung MC35J8088LT/TC P21,890 -
Samsung MS28J5255UB/TC P6,995 -
Samsung MS23K3515AS/TC P4,995 -
Samsung MC35R8088LC/TC P22,645 -
Samsung MC32K7055KT/TC P11,890 -
* Data updated on May 10, 2021
Samsung ME731K Samsung ME731K

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Latest Reviews for Samsung Microwave Ovens

Basta samsung alam ko na talaga yong mga quality nila although hindi naman gaaano ka ganda kasi marami din namang masmagaganda bukod rito but still working parin kahit na magtataagal pato ilang years. ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.6
  • Review by J.S
  • Date : Dec 7, 2018

maganda siyang gamiting lalo na pagnagluluto ka ng mga chillin' food lang like the breakfast tapos you can easily wipe the cavity round madali lang kasi siyang malinis haha linisin pala kaya ako and ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by
  • Date : Nov 16, 2018

Sa price nitong 3 thousand, magandang deal na ang microwave oven na ito. Kahit na sa tingin ko ay medyo may kanipisan at madaling mabasag yung outer shell nito at parang gawa lang sa manipis na tin ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.9
  • Review by Jucil Zamora
  • Date : Nov 14, 2018

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The Range of The Heat

Talagang mapapawow! kanaman oo, tingnan monaman kasi yung specs nito sobrang ganda. kaya nga napaisip at talagang sumagi sa isip ko na bibili ako ng ganito. At binili ko naman din ng walang pagdadalawang isip. Sa sobrang namangha ako dito kasi unique sa ... Read more

  • Last updated : Dec 10, 2018
  • Posted by Masyas
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old or new model

Samsung ba talaga ito na original? meron din pala silang microwave? ngayon ko lang aksi nakita ito at parang mukhang luma na unless mali ako at bagong model lang talaga ito?

  • Last updated : Nov 12, 2018
  • Posted by Lucho
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies

Tamika Canega

Is this oven also

Hi sir/mam is this oven also we can use for baking?

  • Last updated : Jan 8, 2018
  • Posted by Tamika Canega
  • Replies of This topic : 3 Replies

About Samsung Microwave Ovens

A Friendly Kitchen Companion

The microwave oven is a necessary part of any modern day kitchen. There are also a lot of uses from cooking, grilling, baking, heating, and more. That is why the consumers demand innovative products to enhance their ability. And Samsung Microwave Ovens is one of the brands that took the challenge and offered a wide and various assortments of elegant and modern microwave ovens for Filipinos from all walks of life.

A Brief History

In the recent years, South Korea has been the biggest manufacturer of microwave ovens. When the microwave oven boomed in US and Japan, South Korea was just a poor Third World country. But South Korean businesses, being motivated by the economic plans and incentives of the Park Regime, were ready to take risks on products like microwave ovens.

In 1976, an executive at Samsung assigned an engineer to develop a working prototype of microwave ovens. It was not an easy job because there are no magnetron suppliers in Korea that time. That's why the company produced a prototype oven based upon a magnetron tube that they bought from Japan. There are lots of problems that arise after that including the melting of the plastic cavity, losing money on orders, and buying magnetrons from Japanese market which is not advisable. But Samsung just surpassed all these trials and another famous brand, the GE or General Electric even bought microwave ovens from Samsung due to competition with Japanese imports.

Samsung bought the Amperex's magnetron production plant in Rhode Island, dismantles it and moved it to Korea. And that was the beginning of the Samsung's growth and become the world's top producer of microwave ovens.

Features of Samsung Microwave Ovens

Practical, elegant and modern, a Samsung microwave oven will save you time and effort in the kitchen, supposedly. They can accomplish this through some or all in the following models:


This oven has a capacity of 20L and with a power consumption of 1150 watts. It has ceramic enamel which is durable and will not scratch like stainless steel or crack like plastic. This oven is also easy to clean as you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth. It is perfect for the kitchen with less space because it has a slim exterior which will suit in any kind of kitchen space. It also has "One Touch Start" feature.


This microwave oven comes with a Ceramic Enamel Interior. It has a hygienic acceptance from Hohenstein Institute in Germany for its tough and clean exterior. It has a capacity of 23L and 800 watts microwave power and 1100 grill power.


This oven has a 32L capacity. It has an Output Power of 700 watts and power consumption for microwave of 1200 watts. It also has a ceramic enamel cavity type which won't scratch like stainless and plastic.

Reasons for popularity in the Philippines

Currently, microwave ovens are one of the most all-around electrical appliances that can be seen in most Filipino kitchen. This appliance is so popular because of its multi-function capability that makes our everyday cooking more manageable as heating, grilling, cooking and a lot more is now one button away from being done.

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