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About ZALORA Voucher Codes

Do you have an eye for fashion? Today people like to dress up and show off their fashion and style, and you can't do that until you go shopping for the trendiest clothes and outfits. Traditionally people go to the malls to get the latest fashions, but did you know that you can get the best fashion right from the comfort of your own home?

Online shopping is a huge growing trend globally, and when it comes to online fashion shopping the biggest name is Zalora. Zalora is now in the Philippines and is your one-stop online destination for the best, most fashionable trends in the world. Zalora's selection features all your favorite international designers and gives you a good look at the global trends that are making waves in the fashion world.

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It's the destination for online shopping for anyone who is a full-blooded fashionista, a person interested in buying a trendy piece or someone looking for that great gift for someone special in their lives; and everyone in between. Whether you need a bag, a shirt, pants, a dress, jewelry, or any accessory you can think of, Zalora has hundreds of brand names for you to choose from.

What's more, Zalora has special offers and promotions running at all times. Every day, there is something going on that will make your shopping instincts tingle! We offer the very best opportunities to score great values in the fashion and clothing world, with a long list of voucher codes and promotions that give you huge discounts on the hottest brands and items today.

If you aren't careful, you could turn into a real shopaholic!

We believe that here at Zalora, your shopping experience should be the most fun, effortless experience possible. Zalora's team has put together a great online store with a great layout that is both eye-catching and easy to use. Each item is classified accordingly, so even if you are searching for a specific model, the steps to find it is short, easy and quick to accomplish. If any problems should arise, Zalora's team of customer service consultants will help you have the most fruitful shopping experience.

Zalora is a fastest growing e-commerce site in Southeast Asia. Zalora was founded by Rocket Internet in 2011 order to take advantage of the growing online e-commerce market in South East Asia. As the hottest thing to hit the Philippine fashion scene, the unbridled success of its Philippine storefront enabled Zalora to grow into Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

It is the most convenient way of purchasing your favorite fashion finds, and you can do so anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. It's extremely convenient, and you won't have to spend for gas, eating out at the mall, or taking the effort to compare prices between different stores, as everything is at your fingertips. What's more, you can save with all the discounts and coupons Zalora always has available!

Zalora's handy new smartphone app gives you all the convenience of shopping right at your fingertips. Be sure to download and make shopping easier than ever!

About the Products

About the Products

The items you can find on Zalora run the full range of everyday modern fashion. Products are sold directly from Zalora's warehouse in Cavite a 10,000 square meter location that has been dubbed as Manila's biggest walk-in closet. Zalora does also open Pop Up stores from time to time so that customers such as you can enter a traditional store and browse for items they would like to buy, before finalizing the order online. The clothes would then be shipped by Zalora straight to your home.

Zalora also carries various clothing-related goods, such as bags, accessories, and beauty products. Zalora carries more than 1,000 fashion lifestyle brands and over 100,000 different products. All of your favorite brands are here, including Bench, Mango, Nike, Penshoppe, Belo, New Balance, Cotton On, Oakley, Guess, Jansport, Kamiseta, Levi's, Asics, Ray-Ban, Reebok, Sperry, Vans, and Wrangler. In addition, Zalora has its own in-house brands such as Something Borrowed, a clothing line designed in Singapore.

All fashion items are prepped and kept on hand at the warehouse production before photographed and uploaded to the website by the internet team. The items are first steamed, hung, and then tagged to ensure that they look their best. Bags are stuffed to simulate the appearance during use and to make them more attractive to look at. These are done by a full-time team of photographers, stylists, models and makeup artists, whose job is to populate Zalora's internet site with the great images you see and peruse.

About the Delivery

About the Delivery

Zalora is one of the biggest online shopping platforms in the country and has taken the logistics of its business into consideration. Once you place your order, delivery is fast, reliable and a testament to Zalora's experience in online shopping. There are several different means of delivery, depending on your needs and your location. Zalora works with 2Go Express, LBC, and Air Speed to ship your items to you, making use of the most prominent local courier services to give you the best savings and the best service possible.

In addition, Zalora has its own fleet of motorcycle delivery men, consisting of 150 motorcycles called Zalora Express Delivery. This team is responsible for sending out your orders and they will arrive within a day or two of you placing your order. If you are within Metro Manila or Cavite, Zalora Delivery Express is a great option to get your purchases, and they can accept cash on delivery for those who prefer that payment method.

Zalora also believes in free shipping! It is one of the most sought after options in online shopping, and Zalora makes sure to provide this option if you meet the minimum order amount of P995. Zalora guarantees free shipping and fast delivery for all items nationwide around the Philippines. Orders below the minimum amount will have a standard shipping charge of P100.

With the completion of your purchase, you'll receive an Order ID number from Zalora, which you can use to check your order status. You can head to the Zalora main page, and under the account, menu select "Track My Orders" and enter your Order ID in order to follow your shipment.

Track My Orders

Any items you receive that do not fit will have a free return of the items if it turns out you didn't like them, or if they did not fit. You can return your items within 30 days of receiving them.

About the Payments

Once the items are in the cart, you have the option to choose between various methods of secure payment. Payment can be done via cash on delivery or credit card. Zalora realizes that not all customers may access to credit cards, or might simply prefer to use other means of payment. However, which way you choose, Zalora has you covered.

Cash on delivery is still the most popular option in the Philippines, allowing you to make your payments directly in cash once the product arrives at your doorstep. Zalora also works with a wide variety of credit and debit cards, including Visa, Master card, and American Express. In addition, Zalora also accepts payments through PayPal.

About the Payments

The added convenience of being able to flexibly choose your preferred payment system adds a lot of value to the shopping experience. In many online platforms, cash on delivery is not available, but Zalora understands that the Philippine market is not at a point where the majority of the market has credit cards. Only about five or six million of the market has credit cards, so cash on delivery opens the market to the entire 40 million internet users in the country.

How to use Zalora's Voucher Code

1. Copy the Voucher Code from

Voucher Code maintains a listing of vouchers and promo code which you can use directly on Zalora's site. Go to and you will see a listing of the current Zalora voucher codes that you can use. Go through the selection and look for the specific voucher code that suits your needs.

Some voucher codes are universal and can be used by any shopper, some can be used only with specific credit card types or banks, some are promotions from affiliated merchants tied up with Zalora and can offer you special rewards for shopping at Zalora. Be sure to select the voucher code that works best for you. With the large array of choices to choose from, you're sure to be able to find the right offer that works for you, whether you are purchasing large quantities of items, a small trinket, or anything in between.

2. Purchase item at

Purchase item

Zalora's shopping cart is pretty straight-forward, but it is possible to miss the voucher section. Just add items to your cart as you shop, and once you are ready, place your order. You'll be asked to choose your shipping options, after which, you'll need to specify your payment options. Once you've selected your payment method, verify your shipping address, and you will see an order summary on the lower right of the screen. This will include the items you have in your cart along with the price and any charges, like shipping for addresses outside of Metro Manila.

3. Enter the Voucher Code before you complete the payment process

Payment process

Before you place your order, you'll need to enter your voucher code. Here at the checkout, below the total amount you have to pay, it'll ask you if you have a voucher. Click on "Apply" and you can then paste or type in the voucher code that you chose earlier. Then click on "Apply" again.

4. If the Voucher Code is correct, the discount will be applied

Voucher Code Application

Once you've clicked on "Apply," the discount voucher will have been applied to your total price, giving you a really awesome value! The new updated total will be shown in red as your total, telling you exactly how much you will need to pay, or how much will be charged to your card. At this point, you can click "Place Your Order" and your purchase will be complete. Then you simply need to sit back and relax as the gears behind the system turn and your items appear at your doorstep!

Reminders for Transactions with Zalora's Voucher Code

1. Users must have an account (Registration is free)

In order to use your voucher code at Zalora and do any kind of shopping, you will of course need to register for an account. Registration is free and you can easily set it up with a valid email address. Simply sign up for your account and you can get on to shopping easily and effortlessly at Zalora's vast network.

2. Only one Voucher Code per transaction

Although a lot of voucher codes are available, it's worth keeping in mind that you cannot combine several different codes into one purchase. You can only use one code per transaction, so keep this in mind when planning out your purchase. In most cases you'll want to use only the biggest discount coupon code available for the amount you are purchasing.

3. Expired Voucher Codes will not be accepted

Do note that these voucher codes don't last indefinitely. Each code is good for a specified period of time only, so a code you got last week may no longer be valid this week. In other words, there's no benefiting to listing down and saving voucher codes, so use them while they're hot and if you see a code that calls to you, you should take advantage of it as soon as you can. Many voucher codes will note when they expire so you can plan your purchase accordingly.

4. Voucher Codes come with certain terms and conditions

When choosing your voucher code, you should keep in mind that most voucher codes have specific terms and conditions. Some can only be used if your purchase amount hits a minimum amount, some have a maximum applicable discount per purchase, and others are detailed promotions that have their own rules. In some cases, you will need to use a specific type of credit or debit or bank card, and there are other various things to take into consideration. Be sure to read through your voucher code offer and make sure that you qualify and that the voucher code does what you want it to do. Regardless, if your transaction is invalid the site will be able to error check for any discrepancies before checkout, so if things don't work properly you can always review the literature to see what needs to be done.

Keeping in mind these tips, you should be able to enjoy a great online shopping experience at Zalora. Be sure to take advantage of the various offers and coupons that are available, they will greatly enrich your shopping experience. Be sure to check out our listing of Zalora vouchers and offers at

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