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About Lazada Voucher Codes

Anyone who's been involved in online shopping has heard of Lazada, one of the country's most prolific online stores. But in case you haven't been ordering stuff from the web, you've been missing out!

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If you've ever wanted to shop at a plethora of different shopping categories, with the convenience of the click of a button, from the comfort of your own home, then your dreams have been granted! Believe it or not, Filipinos can now shop at one of the biggest Asian online marketplaces, and people are falling in love with the concept, and all the offers, discounts and savings that it entails. It's the Amazon experience now available locally, and you can shop at your convenience and have all your items delivered right to your doorstep.

Lazada and other online stores like it really give you a lot of options without any of the hassle. You don't even need to leave home, after you place your order your item will arrive at your doorstep in a couple of days. Lazada is actually a Singaporean eCommerce company that began back in 2011. Lazada was envisioned as a way to get into the online shopping market in the same way Amazon did a decade earlier, using the same business model. With Amazon's presence weak in the Southeast Asian market, Lazada had the opportunity to fill the gap and did so successfully, managing to expand into Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Lazada is dedicated to providing Southeast Asian customers the effortless online shopping experience, something that has taken root in America and the west, and only now coming to prominence in Southeast Asia. Retailers on the other hand can expect easy and direct access to customers, lengthening their reach with the largest customer base in the region. One of the things that makes Lazada a great place to shop is its emphasis on promotions. Everyday, there is a promo or special offer on the site. These promos are often run for extended periods of time, and you can get a long list of voucher codes which can be used on the site for big discounts and other benefits. maintains a helpful listing of up-to-date voucher codes that you can use for your shopping.

About the Products

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Products from Lazada run the gamut of everyday modern living. Originally selling products straight from its warehouses, Lazada opened its marketplace model for third-party retailers to sell directly at Lazada's storefront, including major retailers like SM. With the vast assortment and various retailers and merchandisers selling at Lazada's storefront, there is always a special offer for you to take advantage of, and coupons and voucher codes are always available here.

Among the popular categories at Lazada's site are electronics, women's fashion, men's fashion, health and beauty, baby and toddler products, home and living, home appliances, mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, cameras, TV and audio/visual devices, gaming, wearables, watches and accessories, music, media and books, sports and outdoors, toys and games, travel and luggage, motors, and groceries. Lazada has hundreds of thousands of products in all these categories, making it the one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs.

Lazada has also partnered with Alibaba earlier in 2016 when the Alibaba Group acquired a controlling stake in the Lazada Group, giving access to the whole gamut of goods available from Alibaba and providing these sellers access to Lazada's huge userbase. Access to Alibaba's group of traders ensures a huge diversity of different products and items for just about anything you can think of. This addition to Lazada's lineup will surely appeal to people looking for just about anything.

About the Delivery

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As one of the biggest online shopping platforms in the country, Lazada has a vast delivery network that brings all your shopping items straight to your door. Delivery is fast, reliable and bears witness to Lazada's experience in the online space. Lazada uses several modes of delivery to find the best way to get your product to you in the soonest time possible, including using its own Lazada Express for the most time-intensive rush deliveries, or using the LBC company platform, a proven and established courier service in the Philippines.

When making a purchase, shipping options and estimated time of arrival are noted on the product page, giving you a good idea of how long your package will take. In most cases the products will arrive within a day or two, depending on the merchant. Some items are shipped from abroad, and the delivery information will indicate whether the item will take a longer time in transit from another country. These are included in any promos or offers that Lazada may have.

More importantly, Lazada offers the option for free delivery! This is one of the most sought after options for online shopping, and Lazada has heard the voice of the customers. Originally, you would have to make a minimum purchase of P2,000 upon checkout in order to qualify for free delivery. Now, Lazada provides the option to ship all purchases regardless of the amount for free, as long as your delivery address is within Metro Manila. It doesn't matter how big or how small your purchase is, if you are within the greater metropolis, you will receive free shipping courtesy of Lazada.

After making your purchase, you will receive an order number from Lazada, which you can use to check your order status. You can check it online 24/7 at Lazada's orderstatus using the provided tracking number. Just enter the order number and your email address, and press "Check Now" to track where your order is. The tracking mechanism is also available from the Order Tracking menu on the top right of the Lazada page.

About the Payments

To keep the shopping experience as pleasant as possible, you have several different options for making payments. Lazada realizes that many customers might not have access to credit cards and other methods of payment, or may not want to use credit cards for online purchases. Whatever your preference is, Lazada has you covered.

Cash on delivery is available as needed, allowing you to pay for your purchases directly with cash as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. Lazada also accepts a wide variety of credit and debit cards, including Visa, Master Card and American Express. Lazada's tie-up with BDO also lets you pay through BDO installment, giving you monthly payment plans for purchases from P3,000 or more. You can also pay through Megalink, BancNet, Paypal and helloPay.

The added convenience of choosing exactly how you want to pay for your items is a huge plus. In many online shopping markets cash on delivery isn't an option. This is an understandable point as the move to online needed a more secure, convenient method of tender, but the Philippine market hasn't matured to the point where credit cards are prolific and used by everyone. There's also a lingering fear when it comes to exposing your credit card information online. Lazada understands this and has adapted to the Philippine market, allowing payments to be made in cash upon delivery.

How to use the Shop's Voucher Code

  1. Copy the Voucher Code from
  2. Go to Lazada maintains a listing of vouchers and promo code which you can use directly on Lazada's site. Go to and you will see a listing of the current Lazada voucher codes that you can use. Go through the selection and look for the specific voucher code that suits your needs.

    Some voucher codes are universal and can be used by any shopper, some can be used only with specific credit card types or banks, some are promotions from affiliated merchants tied up with Lazada and can offer you special rewards for shopping at Lazada. Be sure to select the voucher code that works best for you. With the large array of choices to choose from, you're sure to be able to find the right offer that works for you, whether you are purchasing large quantities of items, a small trinket, or anything in between.

  3. Purchase the item from Lazada's site
  4. Go to Lazada

    Lazada's shopping cart is pretty straight-forward, but it is possible to miss the voucher section. Just add items to your cart as you shop, and once you are ready, place your order. You'll be asked to choose your shipping options, after which, you'll need to specify your payment options. Once you've selected your payment method, verify your shipping address, and you will see an order summary on the lower right of the screen. This will include the items you have in your cart along with the price and any charges, like shipping for addresses outside of Metro Manila.

  5. Enter the Voucher Code before you complete the payment process
  6. Go to Lazada

    Before you place your order, you'll need to enter your voucher code. Here at the checkout, below the total amount you have to pay, it'll ask you if you have a voucher. Click on "Apply" and you can then paste or type in the voucher code that you chose earlier. Then click on "Apply" again.

  7. If the Voucher Code is correct, the discount will be applied
  8. Go to Lazada

    Once you've clicked on "Apply," the discount voucher will have been applied onto your total price, giving you a really awesome value! The new updated total will be shown in red as your total, telling you exactly how much you will need to pay, or how much will be charged to your card. At this point, you can click "Place Your Order" and your purchase will be complete. Then you simply need to sit back and relax as the gears behind the system turn and your items appear at your doorstep!

Reminders for transactions with Lazada's Voucher Code

  1. Users must have an account (Registration is free)
  2. In order to use your voucher code at Lazada and do any kind of shopping, you will of course need to register for an account. Registration is free and you can easily set it up with a valid email address. Simply sign up for your account and you can get on to shopping easily and effortlessly at Lazada's vast network.

  3. Only one Voucher Code per transaction
  4. Although a lot of voucher codes are available, it's worth keeping in mind that you cannot combine several different codes into one purchase. You can only use one code per transaction, so keep this in mind when planning out your purchase. In most cases you'll want to use only the biggest discount coupon code available for the amount you are purchasing.

  5. Expired Voucher Codes will not be accepted
  6. Do note that these voucher codes don't last indefinitely. Each code is good for a specified period of time only, so a code you got last week may no longer be valid this week. In other words, there's no benefiting to listing down and saving voucher codes, so use them while they're hot and if you see a code that calls to you, you should take advantage of it as soon as you can. Many voucher codes will note when they expire so you can plan your purchase accordingly.

  7. Voucher Codes come with certain terms and conditions
  8. When choosing your voucher code, you should keep in mind that most voucher codes have specific terms and conditions. Some can only be used if your purchase amount hits a minimum amount, some have a maximum applicable discount per purchase, and others are detailed promotions that have their own rules. In some cases, you will need to use a specific type of credit or debit or bank card, and there are other various things to take into consideration. Be sure to read through your voucher code offer and make sure that you qualify and that the voucher code does what you want it to do. Regardless, if your transaction is invalid the site will be able to error check for any discrepancies before checkout, so if things don't work properly you can always review the literature to see what needs to be done.

    Keeping in mind these tips, you should be able to enjoy a great online shopping experience at Lazada. Be sure to take advantage of the various offers and coupons that are available, they will greatly enrich your shopping experience. Be sure to check out our listing of Lazada vouchers and offers at

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