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About Rosegal Voucher Codes

Rosegal offers a wide variety of fashionable clothing and accessories for men and women of all shapes and sizes, along with beauty products that will surely keep you glowing inside and out.

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The store was created by a group of friends that shared a love for vintage and modern fashion, with a simple goal of expanding and sharing this love to the world. The group had succeeded by putting together a collection of clothes with a splash of vintage vibe that seamlessly incorporated to modern fashion.

Today, shopping does not have to mean hours upon hours of roaming the malls, if you are looking for high quality clothing and more that has attitude and timeless style, is definitely where you should be. Their site is organized for convenient shopping, whether you're looking for a specific type of top or pants to go along with your vintage and chic ensemble, their filters will help you in no time. with over millions of satisfied customers who gladly vouch for Rosegal, they are proven 100% legit and trustworthy!

At Rosegal, being fashionable can be cheaper than it should be, aside from cheap finds, you can visit Priceprice where you can access a timely list of voucher codes that will surely give you an opportunity to get more out of your money.

About the products

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Vintage fashion is a borrowed trend from the 1920's and onwards, with a few adjustments, the style is practically timeless. Rosegal captured the essence of vintage clothing and incorporated its vibes to chic items, which would tickle your inner fashionable self.

With a myriad of fashion forward designs, from colorful to minimalist, to plain, to printed, floral or aesthetic, name it and they have it. all categorized for your comfort, wonderful fashionable items are just waiting to be discovered at Rosegal.

Rosegal is the ultimate online shopping destination globally, they take pride on high quality products and nothing less. All items are carefully selected by a group of stylists that are whole-heartedly committed to providing you the best products that money can buy, without the hefty price tag. The products are taken straight from their factories and warehouses which explains the affordable prices, and you can even get the clothes and accessories you want for less by using voucher codes!

To ensure customer satisfactory, you are entitled to a comprehensive 30-days return guarantee. So if ever you receive an item which is far from what you expected, it could be that the size is improper, or the color is not what you wanted, or be it that the item is damaged upon arrival, you can have it replaced or refunded as long as it fits the conditions given by Rosegal. The Rosegal team will be ready to help you out with whatever issues, just contact their support center and secure a Return Merchandise Form (RMA). Take note that the product with No RMA will not be accepted for return or refund.

About the delivery

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Rosegal ships to most countries in the world, made possible by various trusted couriers. Rest assured that once your order is placed, the products will be located and shipped within 24 hours, and will be delivered to your doorsteps as soon, and as fast as possible.

You can choose from three shipping methods, depending on how fast you want the parcel to arrive. The flat rate shipping takes about 7-25 business days, standard shipping 6-8 business days, while the expedited shipping line takes as fast as 3-7 business days. The shipping methods will vary in price which will be given to you in full detail when you place an order.

Things to be considered when estimating the parcel's time of arrival includes the processing time which involves location, quality check and mode of shipping that you chose. After placing your order, you will be given a tracking code that you can use directly on the site to easily track your package.

The shipping fee will depend on the order you placed. Taxes could also be involved depending on the country you live in, Rosegal is not responsible for any charges that may be charged to you by your customs and regulations office. To avoid any inconvenience and unwanted charges, call the customs and regulations office in your country to clarify the issue on tax, and other restrictions before officially placing an order.

About payments

To provide you the best shopping experience, Rosegal offers several payment methods via PayPal. For those who do not know, PayPal is a world-renowned payment service that is preferred by most customers in the online shopping community, they provide you with trusted service by encrypting therefore tightly securing your personal bank information. This allows you to pay with your Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Debit Card, or E-Check (with your regular bank account).

Rosegal asks you to very shipping information, desired shipping method and desired payment method before you officially checkout, b if in case you accidentally provided wrong information, you are advised to call Rosegal's customer care center immediately. Once you pay for your orders, you will receive an email that will inform you about the transaction, as well as tracking information, thee tracking code will follow upon the pracel's dispatch. During payment, you will be asked to 'verify' your payment to avoid fraudulent and unauthorized transactions, because Rosegal values your security very much.

For cancelling unpaid or paid transactions you are advised to contact the Rosegal Customer Services department immediately to further asses the issue.

How to use the Rosegal voucher codes

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  1. Copy the Voucher code from
  2. We at delights in providing you an opportunity to save money, and so if you log into Priceprice you can access our frequently updated list of Rosegal's promotional offers in the form of voucher codes. To use them, just click unto the voucher code you fancied and copy the code, take note that some promos do not need a code and will only require you to proceed to

    When choosing your voucher code, it is best to keep in mind that some of the promos may not be applied to you for specific reasons. Carefully skim through the provided information about the promo, and asses if you are qualified to avail of the promo.

  3. Purchase the item on
  4. Go to Rosegal

    After choosing a voucher code that fits your need, you may now shop for fashionable clothing and accessories. is gateway to all things trendy and vintage, once you click on an item that you like, you will be provided with further information about the item including material, size, and color availability. At this point, you can checkout or continue on shopping for more.

  5. Enter the voucher code before completing the payment process
  6. Upon checking out, don't forget to input the voucher code you copied earlier from Priceprice. On the checkout page you will be asked to verify your desired mode of payment, shipping method and shipping address as a precaution, carefully fill the information out and check before officially checking out.

  7. If voucher code is correct, the discount will be applied
  8. Remember, some voucher codes may not be applicable to you or the products that you added to your cart. If in case you entered an invalid voucher code, do not worry because you will be immediately informed by the site. If the voucher is correct, you will be directed to a checkout page wherein the amount you are supposed to pay is noticeably discounted, at this point you can complete the transaction by paying for your order. Once the payment process is completed, all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your package to be delivered on your doorsteps.

Reminders for transactions with Rosegal's voucher codes

  1. Users must have an account (registration is free)
  2. Rosegal loves to reward their shoppers by giving them a lot of chances to save and more. To enjoy Rosegal's services and promos, you must first register on the site. Do not worry because registration is free of charge, and all you really have to do is provide a valid email address, and a few personal information.

  3. Only one voucher code per transaction
  4. As much as you'd love to make use of Rosegal's generous voucher codes, they follow a strict one voucher code per transaction rule, which does not allow you to combine two or more voucher codes. With this, we suggest that you choose a voucher code that offers the biggest chance of saving. Again, make reading a habit to avoid any inconvenience during the transaction process.

  5. Expired voucher codes will not be accepted
  6. The shopping experience is absolutely better with voucher codes but unfortunately, Rosegal's promotional offers only exist for a limited amount of time. Therefore, writing them down and saving them for future use will be to no avail once time comes and they expire. So, when you find a voucher code that you fancy at Priceprice, we suggest that you immediately copy it and use it as soon as possible.

  7. Voucher codes come with terms and conditions
  8. Voucher codes are created to amplify your shopping experience, which means it should always benefit the buyers. Although, some vouchers are created to cater to a specific bank account holder, or is only offered to a specific group of items. Be sure to read through the promotional offer's info and facts, make sure that you qualify to claim the promo first before copying them to avoid any inconvenience. Reading is a good habit and will help you gain a wonderful shopping experience.

    In case you copied an invalid voucher code, do not worry, Rosegal will immediately inform you of the situation. If so, you can log back into Priceprice and read through the list of voucher codes to find a valid one instead. The same process will apply, just input your new voucher code on the box, and wait for the discount to be applied to your subtotal before checking out.

    Make sure to check Priceprice from time to time for an update on Rosegal's voucher codes.

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