Jul 22, 2020

Follow These 5 Stylish Ways To Wear Shorts For Fashion-Oriented Dudes

These 5 fail-proof ways will not let you down!

When the weather is warm, you would surely want to wear as little as possible while still appearing appropriate for wherever you are headed. Stylish guys share the same sentiment as they don't only settle for comfort but for style as well. Well, shorts deliver style and comfort at the same time. And they are perfect for weekend errands, dog walks, the beach, the pool, picnics, romantic walks in the park, and more.

Shorts are inherently casual, but that doesn't mean that you have to look adolescent and sloppy. Sadly, though, they are men who look so bad when wearing shorts. So, how must you wear shorts without invoking a grade school vibe? In this article, we will help you figure out how to wear shorts correctly so stylish gents like you can exude the perfect laidback vibe.

Wear Shorts in a Monochrome Outfit

The simplest way to elevate your shorts outfit is by wearing one color or color chrome from head to toe. Following this tip would prevent you from looking sloppy. Although you did not exert much effort, you will still look stylish rather than seem to just pull whatever T-shirt you found from the top of your drawer.

If you're up for it, you can also go all-neutral. Beige or off-white colors are a sophisticated way to show off your fashionable side. Wear a beige or tan button-down shirt, paired with shorts in the same shade and voila! You'll instantly look like you're on the runway.

Wear Bright-Colored Shorts or Printed Shorts

Another way to make your outfits more interesting is by wearing a pair of bright-colored shorts or printed shorts rather than the pretty standard chino shorts. To make the outfit look stylish, you may pair the shorts with a T-shirt or a button-down.

Wear Cut-off Shorts

Today, almost everyone wants to DIY things. You can also do the same with your denim pants. If you are bored with your old denim and want to try something new, you can choose to cut them to knee-length to make denim shorts. Don't distress the shorts anymore as denim shorts already exude an edgy vibe.

Wear Shorts with a Button-Down Shirt

Aside from a T-shirt, what do you wear with shorts? A button-down! Surely, there's no other look that screams summer than a floral short-sleeve button-down paired with shorts. Don't be afraid to sport this look any season of the year!

Wear Shorts with a Hoodie

Wearing shorts with a simple hoodie exudes a dressed-up slash dressed-down vibe that you might not expect to appear stylish. The shorts and sweater combo offers the perfect balance between preppy and cool. This simple yet fashionable attire is what a stylish man needs to copy.

Are you ready to copy these 5 stylish shorts outfits? Be bold as a man and show the world that you are one fashionable gent!