Aug 26, 2020

7 Retro Looks of BTS That We Love in the "Dynamite" Music Video

BTS' "Dynamite" is a literal bomb! Let's check their comeback styles in the new MV.

After all the negative happenings this year, we still have something to be joyous about. On August 21, the biggest boyband in the world BTS dropped their latest single "Dynamite." The explosively delightful new song, which is praised for its jolly beat, playful lyrics, and colorful music video, is made to bring positive energy to everyone and blow up all the sadness of the year. The MV exudes a retro vibe and is jam-packed with outfits from almost every era. Check out some of the members' outfits here.


Worldwide Handsome Jin is looking great on a Gitman Bros Button Down Pinpoint Eggshell Shirt which he layers over a Sunnei IHF Printed T-shirt. He also accessorized his look with a Vintage Hollywood Mini Daisy Necklace.

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For a trendy athleisure look, Suga dons a Louis Vuitton Leaf Denim Baseball Shirt with a matching Louis Vuitton Leaf Regular Denim Pants. He finishes off with a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 Low SB Lance Mountain sneakers.

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J-hope in a black graphic Obey Big Shot T-Shirt, yellow pants, yellow sunglasses, and clover-themed layered necklaces and ring from Wilhelmina Garcia is more than what we have asked for. Our dance king is surely the personification of retro!

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Since the release of the first teaser photo, everyone can't stop talking about Namjoon's light blue hair color because he looks great in it. His hair color even stands out more in his outfit in the MV - a light blue oversized shirt coupled with jeans and a pair of Nike SB Dunk Ben & Jerry's Sneakers.

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Jimin sports a casual outfit featuring a Repaired Denim Trucker Jacket and Sullivan Patch Distressed Jeans from Ralph Lauren and a T-shirt with Dior Oblique Motif. He elevates his look with jewelry pieces from Vintage Hollywood and Kujaan. To top it all off, Jimin wore tinted sunglasses from Carin.

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In his scene with the ice cream truck, Taehyung can be seen wearing a Lanvin Little Nemo Print Cardigan over a basic white tee and denim jeans. He took his ensemble to the next level by wearing Converse Chuck Taylor 70 High Top Sneakers and a heart pendant necklace.

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Jungkook gives off a relaxed vibe by wearing a Louis Vuitton Denim Zip-Through Hoodie and Louis Vuitton Denim Carpenter Trousers. He then paired his double denim ensemble with Timberland Premium Boots and Kujaan Daisy & Peace Necklace.

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If you can't get enough with BTS' fashion, continue streaming "Dynamite" on YouTube. This delightful song is sure to make your day a lot better!