Jul 9, 2019

Become an Oppa! Celebrity Ulzzang Outfits That Will Make You Become An ULZZANG BOY

Being an ulzzang isn't just for South Koreans, you can be one too by imitating these celebrity OOTDs!

Ulzzang, literally translated as "best face" in Korean, refers to the subtle South Korean fashion style. The ulzzang status has been gaining popularity not only in its country of origin but also in other countries as fashion enthusiasts worldwide have started to embrace this unique trend.

An ulzzang can be defined as one with a very white complexion, large eyes, cute lips, and a rebellious but trendy fashion statement. Ulzzangs usually join picture contests in which voters choose the most stylish photographs. However, this trend isn't only limited to women. A lot of men, not only in South Korea, have also gained ulzzang status, and you can too!

Let's take a look at the outfits worn by our favorite K-drama actors and K-pop Idols:

Park Bo-gum

We all loved Park Bo-gum as Joseon Crown Prince in the TV series "Love In The Moonlight", and we surely love his fashion statement too! Bo-gum made a twist to the usual blue suit by wearing a stylish turtleneck fashion piece underneath. He certainly knows how to look cool without overdoing it!

How to Sport This Look?

YOON Turtleneck USD 149 (approx. PHP 7700)

One Button Suit Coat Jacket PHP 799.00

Yoo Seung Ho

The "I'm Not A Robot" actor Yoo Seung Ho captured many hearts through his incomparable acting skills and angelic smile. And he ain't stopping there! He continues to gather more fans through his cool fashion style. Here, he perfectly paired a black leather jacket with a red shirt, black slacks, and sneakers.

How to Sport This Look?

Cotton On Essential Longline Curved Hem Tee PHP 599.00

Men's Slim PU Leather Motorcycle Rider Jacket PHP 2113.00

Burton Menswear London Slim Fit Stretch Trousers PHP 1795.00

adidas AW3890 Running Sneakers PHP 3990.00


Bangtan Sonyeondan's stunning leader Kim Namjoon, with the stage name RM, can prove that he is not only good at rapping but also at dressing up. His fashion style is very simple and easy to copy- just wear an oversized shirt with stripes and you're good to go!

How to Sport This Look?

Loose Korean Men Zebra Striped Base T-shirt PHP 753.00

Wrangler Round Neck Shirt With High Density Print PHP 2199.75


Kim Taehyung, or most commonly known as BTS V, isn't just a pretty face. He can sing very low notes and has a wide vocal range, can dance even to the hardest choreographies, and to top that all off, he also dresses very well. Among all the BTS members, V is regarded as the most fashion-oriented one, wearing expensive Gucci pieces and more. In this picture, he wears a simple white tee with feather prints but he's still killing us with his visuals. He isn't the World's Most Handsome Face of 2017 for nothing!

How to Sport This Look?

Feather Pattern Casual Long Sleeves Shirt USD 22.58 (approx. PHP 1200)

Dolce & Gabbana floral handkerchief USD 101 (approx. PHP 5200)

Alvicio - Printed Back Zip Jacket PHP 1506.96

BTS Suga

One of South Korea's fastest rappers, Min Yoongi or BTS Suga is also swift in adapting to the newest fashion trends. While his 'tongue technology' is enough to make girls swoon, his fashion statement will surely make their hearts flutter. A man oozing in swag, Suga chose to layer a simple stripe tee underneath a neon-colored bomber jacket. That's a real bomb!

How to Sport This Look?

Korean Hooded Slim Fit Jacket PHP 586.00

Casual Round Neck Long-sleeved Striped Shirt PHP 605.00

Hip-hop PU Black Half-finger Leather Gloves PHP 108.00

Converse Track Pants PHP 2499.75

Vans Outside In Era Sneakers PHP 3998.00

If you're a K-pop lover yourself, I'm sure you can't ignore these Ulzzang styles. Well, what are you waiting for? Try out these styles and let everyone's eyes feast on you!