Jun 9, 2020

10 Korean Celebrity-Inspired Fashion Looks Every Ulzzang Boy Must Imitate

Look cool and stylish like your favorite Korean celebrities!

In recent years, South Korea has become one of the most fashionable countries in Asia. For sure, most of us are not surprised. With Korea's handsome K-pop idols and K-drama actors promoting the country's quirky and cool fashion trends, it was guaranteed to rise in popularity sooner or later. Speaking of fashion trends, there's one that is currently very popular in South Korea: the ulzzang trend. In case you don't know, ulzzang is a subtle fashion style many have adapted, including Korean celebrities. Have you seen how your favorite Korean celebs dress? Yes, the stylish casual outfits they wear are influenced by the ulzzang trend.

If you are a guy, you surely want to look as fashionable as Lee Min Ho. Or if you are a girl, you might want your boyfriend to dress like ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo. However, it's easier said than done, as being a stylish man requires a lot of effort. For instance, ulzzang guys need to pick out the right outfit and find perfectly matching shoes in order to appear cool and fashionable. They must also be overly-updated with the newest styles and outfits available in the market and seek to purchase the trendiest clothing. To help you fulfill your ulzzang dreams, we have listed some celebrity-inspired fashion tips and ideas.

Baggy Clothing

Korean fashion makes use of baggy clothes often. Their men are used to wearing oversized sweaters, shirts, or jackets, and they look cool in those outfits! While we usually see Park Seo-joon in trench coats and bomber jackets in the TV Series Itaewon Class and we truly admire his edgy fashion, we can't ignore the fact that he looks cute in oversized sweaters and jogging pants. A versatile actor, indeed!

How To Copy This Style:

School Boy Look

K-dramas have introduced a lot of TV series and movies that involve high school students. Because of that, we are used to seeing our favorite actors sporting their own version of the trendy school boy look. Not only them, as some of our bias in K-pop such as BTS' active leader RM has had his take on the trend. In one of their group photoshoots, Kim Namjoon wore a white button-down long sleeve overlaid with a school blazer and necktie.

How To Copy This Style:

Stylish Stripes

Striped clothing would never go out of style. It's not only versatile but also very comfortable to wear. Do you know that stripes can make your body look longer or wider? Horizontal lines create the illusion of width while vertical lines create length. If you want your body to look elongated, you might want to copy EXO Kai's OOTD. Kim Jong-in opted to wear a striped shirt with vertical lines, and he looks stylish in it!

How To Copy This Style:

Winter Style

Although we don't experience winter here in the Philippines, we still love how stylish Korean celebrities are in their winter outfits. However, if you live in Baguio or in other locations that are frequently blessed with rains, you can still copy this fashion style. As much as we can't forget how good Park Bo-gum's acting is in the TV series Love In The Moonlight, Encounter, and Itaewon Class, we will also remember how handsome he looks in a winter coat with fur collar.

How To Copy This Style:

A Splash of Neon

Neon colors are also a popular choice among Korean ulzzangs. That explains why we usually see K-pop idols and K-drama actors sporting outfits that feature bursts of neon colors. Well, neon hues attract the eye very quickly so you can be sure that your clothes will draw attention. Moreover, neon pieces can turn your boring shirt or pants into something exciting. While we are already drawn to Cha Eun Woo's handsome face, his neon-colored, Hawaiian-inspired shirt makes him even more attractive.

How To Copy This Style:

Leather Jacket

While a time will come when leather jackets go out of fashion, but don't think it will not be in the next few centuries. Leather, especially black leather, is a popular clothing staple that has a way of making everything look better. Whether you are wearing a simple tee or a bland top, adding a leather jacket would make your outfit look bomb and edgy. Plus, leather jackets exude the bad boy image, which a lot of ladies desire to see. Watch how the I'm Not A Robot actor Yoo Seung Ho looks cool with a black leather jacket, red shirt, black slacks, and sneakers.

How To Copy This Style:

Eccentric Printed Shirts

From T-shirts to pants, everything looks better when it's printed eccentrically. In this time when everyone is urged to be brave and fearless in terms of fashion, pick a clothing piece that is far from what is considered 'safe' and 'normal.' Lee Joon-gi, who starred in the TV series My Girl, Hotel del Luna, and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, showed his bold side by supporting the 'LOVE YOUR W' campaign and wore a black T-shirt with doodle prints.

How To Copy This Style:

Rich Business Man Look

Imagine you are in a K-drama. Your rich business tycoon leading man arrives in a limo. He heads out wearing an ensemble that oozes with class and refinement. And that's when you stop imagining, as you make your boyfriend sport the rich business man look like Lee Min Ho. As much as we love his royal character in the TV series The King: Eternal Monarch, we admire his affluent fashion style. He certainly looks handsome in his all-black outfit!

How To Copy This Style:

Funky Sweaters

If there's one thing that Korean fashion is best known for, it is its funkiness and quirkiness. They experiment a lot with their outfits and as what was mentioned earlier, they are a big fan of baggy or oversized clothing. Take, for example, baggy sweaters. The Dr. Romantic 2 actor Ahn Hyo-seop showed us how to style your outfit with an oversized sweater. He stylishly paired his high-collared sweater with denim jeans and looked good in it!

How To Copy This Style:

Laidback Look

Whether you are out for a walk, going to the gym, or heading to any casual arrangement, you would surely settle for the perfect laidback look that involves wearing a simple T-shirt, shorts, and a pair of sneakers. This is especially suitable here in the Philippines where the temperature is hot and humid. EXO's Baekhyun opted to go low-key by donning a white tee and black shorts, yet he still looks cool and trendy.

How To Copy This Style:

Which celebrity OOTD do you find the easiest and the hardest to copy?