Mar 22, 2019 (updated : Nov 27, 2020)

7 Trendy Japanese Sneaker Brands You Need to Know About

Are you tired of the same old brand you've been seeing on everyone lately? Check out some of the coolest Japanese sneaker brands!

Known as the land of the rising sun, Japan has established itself as one of the leading countries in the world. The art, the food, the culture, the people — you'll basically fall in love with every aspect of this beautiful country.

There are thousands of things to love about Japan! And surprisingly, one of them is their sneakers!

Here are the trendiest, most talked about shoes in Japan right now!

1. Shoes Like Pottery

Shoes Like Pottery sneakers are known for their extra-soft and comfortable, blue vulcanized soles. They were established in 1873. What sets this brand of shoes apart from other brands is the process of making the actual shoes. They vulcanize them, or what the Japanese call 'ka-ryu'. There are only a few of these shoe manufacturers around the world. On their website, they explain how the process works. All of their shoes have a signature blue dot so you immediately know it's made by them.

2. LOSERS Stick to Your Guns

This brand of sneakers was established by struggling artists of this generation built from their own original ideas and designs. They are inspired to make things with a sense of 'iki' which is a concept of beauty and perseverance that is particular in Japan. It is also where they got the brand name from. Their aesthetics are rooted from the Japanese Edo Period.

They have custom-made lines that change from season to season allowing for a greater opportunity to showcase their art. The designer has received a great many praises from top critics.

3. Asics Japan

Asics Japan is a footwear company famous for developing and producing only the best running shoes using materials and designs with the highest quality. Each and every footwear released is created based on extensive research and analysis on foot shapes. Professional athletes and runners have testified to the excellence of this brand.

4. RFW Tokyo

Rhythm Footwear or more popularly known as RFW was founded in 1998 by designer Takashi Kanokogi. It became popular for its simple style and minimal decorations. The simplicity that this brand offered became its unique selling proposition amongst the overly-decorated, colorful shoes that other brands try to sell these days.

5. Mizuno

The foundation of this brand comes from a worldwide leader in sports equipment so it has always been their goal to deliver excellently-crafted footwear on the basis of performance-focused innovation. The concept behind their expansion to footwear is simple - running will always be included in the training program of every single athlete, so they designed something specifically for them. They use only the highest quality fabrics and focus on quality fit.

6. Hender Scheme

This brand defines both gender and sex, differentiated one from the other and introduced a new concept that goes beyond the gender norms based on what the society has built for us, and instead gives the concept of sex on the basis of physical appearance. In other words, this brand wants to defy the gender norms imposed by society upon us. They create shoes not on the basis of gender and that's why they sell.

7. Onitsuka Tiger Japan

Onitsuka Tiger was established in 1949 originally as a sports shoe brand only but it has since evolved into a sports fashion brand. They made necessary changes to adapt to modernization, but kept the traditional details of their products and incorporated them into the new ones. It's the balance between the new and the old that makes this specific brand special.

Next time you fly to Japan, you already know which stores you'll be hitting!

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