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Feb 1, 2021

How To Wear a Denim Jacket for Men: Fool-proof Ways To Show Off Your Edgy Style

As a fashion-oriented gentleman, you should be an expert in dressing and incorporating denim jackets into your outfit!

What comes to your mind when we talk about classic fashion staples for men? No doubt, denim jackets are among the first ones you can think about. In fact, almost every man has at least one denim jacket in his wardrobe!

The first denim jackets can be traced back to 1880 when Levi Strauss realized that as much as denim fabric worked so well to clothe the lower half part of a man's body, it could also do the same thing for his upper half. Upon the introduction of the denim jacket to the market, laborers, railroad workers, and miners grew to love the garment because it is long-wearing and durable, functional, and low-maintenance, perfect to wear while they are working under harsh conditions.

However, the workers are not the only ones who enjoyed wearing denim jackets. In 1957, the legendary music icon Elvis Presley wore double denim and it did not take long before the fashion style became mainstream. Since then, men have become obsessed with denim jackets because they give off a casual yet edgy vibe and are considered great in spicing up almost any outfit in their closet. Plus, the structure of the denim jacket creates a more masculine silhouette.

To get the most out of denim jackets, you must know more about how to rock this menswear staple. We have made a useful style guide for denim jackets that will make you look extra masculine and cool. With this compilation of the most stylish denim jacket outfits for men, you'll never worry again when choosing what to match with your beloved denim jacket.

Staple Pieces To Wear With Your Denim Jacket


Both low-key yet stylish weekend staples, hoodies and denim jackets are a match made in heaven. With the right pieces, this combination exudes a fashion-oriented urban look. However, you should still avoid overdoing it. You can do so by selecting a neutral-colored hoodie such as a navy or gray-hued one and wearing it underneath a blue denim jacket. Make sure that the hoodie does not look too boxy because it can throw off the whole look. Aside from making you look stylish, the hoodie + denim jacket combo can also keep you warm during the cold winter season in other countries or during the rainy season here in the Philippines.


Has anyone warned you about wearing double denim? Contrary to what others say, double denim isn't as bad as it may seem. Well, as long as you know how to mix and match colors and come up with the most interesting combinations. While wearing almost the same shade of blue for both your denim jacket and jeans is a fashion sin, you can redeem yourself by donning black jeans instead. Other colors of jeans such as gray and white will also do wonders to your denim jacket + jeans look. This outfit combination is surprisingly fashionable and perfect for casual occasions. That being said, don't be afraid to wear jeans with your denim jacket!


While sportswear such as joggers may not seem to go so well with something as edgy as a denim jacket, surprisingly, they do complement each other. In fact, joggers play a significant role in striking a perfect balance between edgy, casual, and sporty. By wearing joggers instead of jeans, you will be able to steer away from the rugged cowboy fashion and you will look more modern and streamlined. So if you love athleisure items as much as you love denim jackets, you don't need to pick a lane; you can wear both to create one stylish look that speaks a lot about your mood and personality!

Tailored Trousers

Another way to soften the edginess and casualness of denim jackets is to incorporate tailored trousers into your outfit. Tailored trousers, which are usually worn in professional and business settings, can give a sweet contrast to the casual jacket and result in a look that's not too formal and not too casual. This simple yet smart outfit combination can be an excellent alternative to the double denim style. Moreover, wearing denim jackets with tailored trousers would suit various occasions as well as go well with almost any top in your wardrobe. Talk about versatility and quirky style!


While T-shirts are considered a basic staple wear, they don't look basic at all. T-shirts, especially white-colored ones, provide a fresh and fuss-free look that's not too hard to pull off. However, you should not just choose the first thing you see; you still have to make sure that the T-shirt is not too slim nor too baggy, and not too long that it looks like a dress nor too short that it resembles a crop top, and not too translucent that it reveals your insides. The white T-shirt + denim jacket combination always look great together and exudes a relaxed yet stylish vibe. If you are going for a more quirky outfit, feel free to swap the white T-shirt with a striped one.

What To Wear With Your Denim Jacket Depending On The Color

Blue Denim Jacket

When choosing what shade of blue you must get, you should take the weather and season into consideration. For instance, it is better to wear a denim jacket with a light blue color for the summer and swap it with a dark blue denim jacket in the cold months. For the bottoms, you can choose between gray, white, burgundy, and black jeans. As what was aforementioned, don't wear the same shade of blue jeans as your blue denim jacket. Finish off the look with leather sneakers to immediately boost the style factor.

Black Denim Jacket

The black denim jacket is the best choice for men who are going for both casual and smart casual styles. Black, being a timeless and classic color, can be paired with almost anything in a man's wardrobe. That being said, you can wear a black denim jacket with brown or gray trousers if you are not planning to sport an all-black outfit. For casual occasions, you can pair your black denim jacket with blue or black denim jeans. Bring an additional element of class to your look by slipping into dark-colored leather loafers or boots.

White Denim Jacket

While white-colored denim jackets are not as common as blue and black denim jackets, they should still be included in your choices as they can provide a relaxed yet stylish look. The most basic outfit combination is a white denim jacket + black skinny jeans + white low-top sneakers. However, you can switch things up by wearing a white denim jacket with light blue or dark green chinos or gray trousers. While white canvas sneakers are our go-to footwear for this outfit, you can still opt to wear neutral-colored athletic shoes, such as beige.

Gray Denim Jacket

Wearing a gray denim jacket exudes off-duty and laidback vibes. To inject muted dapperness in your look, you can pair your gray denim jacket with charcoal chinos and black leather shoes. For a softer and more relaxed style, wear your gray denim jacket with white ripped jeans and gray athletic shoes. On the other side, if you want a quirky and fun look, you can settle with a gray denim jacket + mint green chinos + dark brown leather loafers. You can also go all-black from head to toe and layer a gray denim jacket over your ensemble.

Types of Denim Jackets

Denim Vest

A denim vest is just roughly a sleeveless denim jacket. While denim jackets are often worn as a layering piece during cold months, denim vests dominate the fashion world in hot, summer months. So if you crave outfit layering but find denim jackets to be too uncomfortable to wear, you can invest in a fuss-free denim vest. To succeed in styling a denim vest, you should know which pieces in your wardrobe would go well with it. For instance, wearing a denim vest over a simple long-sleeve shirt and a pair of trousers will result in a sleek yet stylish look. Add a pair of dress shoes, such as loafers, to complete your ensemble.

Patched Denim Jacket

While denim jackets are already rugged and stylish on their own, some people still craved for more interesting details. That's why denim jackets with logos or patches have become a thing. The unique design of a patched denim jacket draws attention and makes your ensemble a whole lot more fashionable. Because a patched denim jacket is already eye-catching, you should tone down the rest of your outfit. Wear simple and basic pieces such as a white shirt and neutral-colored trousers to avoid your fashion pieces from clashing.

Denim Sherpa Jacket

Denim sherpa jackets, which are a close equivalent to the shearling denim jacket, have an inside that's made from polyester, acrylic, or cotton while the outer part of this jacket is made using denim fabric. The combination of these soft and rugged elements is what makes this type of jacket versatile and distinct. With the denim sherpa jacket, you can opt to go for double denim. In the winter season or cold months, you can wear this jacket together with boots and a scarf to keep warm while looking stylishly rugged. For a laidback street attire, pair your denim sherpa jacket with black jeans and white sneakers.

The Best Denim Jackets You Should Be Buying Right Now

Levi's Modern Type II Trucker Jacket

(Image credit:

Levi Strauss & Co., commonly known as Levi's, is a world-renowned American clothing company that specializes in creating the best denim pieces such as jeans and jackets. From 1967 until now, Levi's denim jackets stole the spotlight. One of the latest iterations of its original denim jackets, Levi's Modern Type II Trucker Jacket offers an option for customization. As it fades and develops holes over time due to the natural wear and tear process, this denim jacket gets better than ever in exuding a classic vintage vibe. Please note that it has slightly larger than normal lower chest pockets and it has no side pockets.

GAP Icon Denim Jacket

(Image credit:

GAP is popular for its basic clothing items that go well for your easygoing, everyday style. One of the company's best denim jacket offerings is dubbed as the GAP Icon Denim Jacket. This denim jacket is made using stretchy denim fabric and is available in a pleasing shade of indigo. This pair of denim is also a part of GAP's Washwell program that aims to save millions of liters of water. Aside from that, the GAP Icon Denim Jacket is reasonably-priced, durable, and versatile enough to match your fashion staples. Just wear it with a white T-shirt, black denim jeans, and high-top sneakers and you're good to go!

Mango Faux Shearling-Lined Denim Jacket

(Image credit:

Mango is a Spanish clothing design and manufacturing company that is known for creating fashion collections for men, women, and children alike. Among its clothing offerings for men is the Mango Faux Shearling-Lined Denim Jacket which is made of light washed denim fabric and insides made of cotton. It has a faux shearling collar and interior, buttoned cuffs, inner pocket, two side pockets, two buttoned back pockets, and a button closure on the front. Given its design, this denim jacket is best to wear in the cold season as it makes you look stylish while keeping you warm.

H&M Hooded Denim Jacket

(Image credit:

The Swedish clothing company H&M is focused on making fast-fashion items for all ages and genders, and that includes denim jackets. The H&M Hooded Denim Jacket is created using washed denim fabric and has a drawstring hood and sleeves made from sweatshirt fabric. It comes complete with a collar, front buttons, flap chest pockets with buttons, and side pockets. This denim jacket has ribbing at cuffs and an adjustable tab at the sides of the hem. Surely, it can become a style favorite almost immediately!

Cotton On Rodeo Jacket

(Image credit:

The Australian fashion company Cotton On offers a denim jacket, dubbed as Cotton On Rodeo Jacket, that will keep you cool all year long. The denim jacket features a relaxed fit, has a pointed collar, front buttons, flap chest pockets, and button sleeve closures. This classic denim jacket exudes a vintage vibe and is perfect to wear with every outfit in your wardrobe. Feel free to layer it over your favorite button-up shirt or pair it with your skinny jeans. Your choices are endless and don't be afraid to shuffle things up in order for you to find the right combination.

Through the years, we have seen how denim jackets evolved from that bland piece of thick and rugged fabric to one having interesting cuts and styles. Well, that's because this timeless piece of clothing went from just a workwear staple to a go-to outfit for various occasions. Regardless of the changes it went through, one thing is for sure, it will always be among our men's favorites.