Jun 8, 2020

Make a Statement: Your Guide to 5 Types of Men's Wallets

Match your everyday style with these 5 types of wallets that will surely give your look an impressive statement.

Most men find their wallet to be something essential on a daily basis. If girls can't leave the house without wearing any sunscreen or makeup, boys can't go outside without a wallet inside their pockets. Basically, everything a man needs in order to survive everyday life is in one small piece of leather. Cash, IDs, license, cards, and the likes. We can't argue that wallets are a man's best friend.

You might be wondering why we have to talk about wallets, well in fact it is just an item you store your money in. You see, your wallet is not just your daily companion. It is also something that can give other people either a good or bad impression about you, especially if you are a working man. Choosing a wallet is a major thing for men. Your wallet should match your everyday style and outfit. Your wallet should also be durable but practical for everyday use. Simply, form and function are equally important in choosing one. And with many different types and variations available today, choosing the best one for you is not a challenge.

Here are some of the best men's wallet to consider.

Bi-Fold Wallet

Let's start with the classic! Bi-fold men's wallets have been around for decades. They're shaped like a small business envelope, featuring a long open pocket where you can put your money and different slots where you can put your IDs, cards, and receipts. Some bi-folds may also have a little space for your coins inside. This classic men's wallet is usually made of a high-quality leather but they are also available in other materials. Choose a material that will suit your personal aesthetic and style. When you are using bi-folds, free your wallet from junk that may cause your wallet to bloat. It is slim and compact in profile so you should maintain it that way.

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Tri-Fold Wallet

If bi-folds can't carry enough of your everyday essentials, try switching up to tri-folds. This classic wallet is typically made of leather or synthetic leather with two flaps that opens like a door, dividing it to three equally divided sections. Just like the bi-fold, a tri-fold has a long foldable pocket for bills but the advantage is that it can accommodate a lot more than a bi-fold. So, if you are looking for a spacious yet compact and convenient to use wallet, you've found one!

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Money Clip (with or without pockets)

If you are looking for a small wallet that you can carry everyday, this one's for you! Money clips are considered to be the smallest kind of wallet and are typically designed with the intent of just being able to secure a few pieces of cash. Using this kind of wallet tells that you are confident enough to go outside without carrying too much. One card is okay. Just few pieces of cash and you're good to go! The advantage is that it helps you to get rid of unnecessary papers and junk that you don't actually need everyday. Money clips are usually made of a high-quality metal or leather (or combination) to secure your bills properly.

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Card Holder Wallet

A card holder wallet is primarily made for your business cards and IDs. This wallet is somehow between the classic bi-fold and money clips. It doesn't feature the same pocket for cash in a bi-fold type but it has multiple slots for cards and more. Simply, your card holder wallets can hold both your foldable cash and several cards. So, if you are using cards instead of cash, this wallet is for you. It can also be your option if you are not fond of using the money clip types.

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Passport Holder Wallet

Sometimes your job requires you to travel from time to time. And as a busy man, organizing your stuff may be a burden. Thanks to passport holder wallets, you can now organize your everyday work essentials into one place. This is a bulky and dual-functional type of wallet primarily designed for securing both of your business cards and your precious travel documents such as your passport and boarding tickets. Using this type of wallet allows you to declutter junk, thus securing the important ones and making your travel documents readily accessible anytime and anywhere.

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Father's Day is just around the corner. So, if you are still finding the best gift for your father or even for yourself, try considering these wallets. Remember, choose the type of wallet you think will best suit his (or your) style!