Mar 22, 2019

Fumiya's Brother Yuya-Inspired Fashion

Let's get some outfit inspiration from the Konichi-Wonder Model of Japan, Yuya!

If you were captivated by the funny and adorable Konichi-Wonder Vlogger of Japan, Fumiya Sankai, then get ready because you're about to be charmed by his brother, Yuya, too.

Like his brother Fumiya, Yuya is also hailed from the Land of the Rising Sun but is very well-versed in Filipino culture. He has gained popularity from modeling, traveling and photo blogging.

Let's check out some of his styles and maybe grab some inspiration.

1. Formal yet Edgy

The fact that he's wearing a dress shirt implies formality, but the fit style is too loose to actually be considered traditional. He paired it up with beige pants which makes the look very clean cut.

Get this in a larger size than normal to achieve the same loose style as Yuya.

Chopit - Long-Sleeve Mandarin Collar Top PHP 2,081.16

And as for the trousers, try these beige pants right here.

Factorie Side Stripe Work Pants PHP 1439.00

2. Laid-Back Home Wear

This is what you may wear during those times when you have no actual plans of going out of the house but you just want to be ready anytime someone asks you to hang out. It's nothing but a simple graphic crewneck tee and dark washed out jeans. It's comfy enough to wear at home and yet trendy enough for a trip out of the house.

This solid-toned tee with minimal graphic details should be a nice substitute to what Yuya is wearing.

Springfield Short Sleeve Cicular Knit T-Shirt PHP 795.00

Pair it up with some mid-rise straight cut jeans in a dark washed out style.

Cortefiel Regular Fit Jeans PHP 2065.00

3. Casual Park Day OOTD

There's nothing better than a two-piece set of clothes to flex around the park and let all the people know just how adorable you are by wearing this.

The vibe of this outfit is chill enough for a day at the park. It looks comfortable and easy to move around in.

Wearing the same color from top to bottom may be challenging for some of us, but Yuya's style will make us change our mind. The concept is to wear terno in casual and comfortable style. You can freely change the color to match your taste.

Penshoppe Basic Relaxed Tee329.00

Penshoppe Relaxed Fit Trousers PHP 799.00

Penshoppe Basic Relaxed Tee PHP 329.00

Penshoppe Relaxed Fit Trousers PHP 799.00

Penshoppe Textured Tee PHP 699.00

Penshoppe Textured Trousers PHP 999.00

Hopefully, you were inspired by Yuya to dress as casually as him. Remember, this is how you look hot and cute at the same time effortlessly.

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