Dec 18, 2018

Recreate Dylan Wang's BENCH/ Fashion

Dylan Wang is the new face of BENCH/ and we have never been more obsessed.

Wang Hedi, also known as Dylan Wang is a Chinese actor, singer, and model who rose to fame after he was cast as the lead role of Dao Ming Si in the Chinese version of Meteor Garden. Pretty sure you don't need any background information on Dylan Wang to know why people are just obsessed with him. This guy is pure eye candy and I'm sure people would stare at him for days if they could.

BENCH/ featured three different looks for our golden boy and they're all cool and stylish but simple enough to recreate.

Look #1

BENCH/ shirt, varsity jacket, and track pants.

Here is a yellow graphic shirt like the one Dylan is wearing with the word BENCH printed out in bold letters. It's 100% combed cotton.

BENCH/ Graphic Tee PHP 439.75

For your pants, pick up these Fleece Side Stripe Joggers in black.

BENCH/ Fleece Side Stripe Joggers PHP 699.75

To add a little more edge to your look, switch up the varsity jacket with this Sukajan Jacket that has cool designs on each side of the chest but with the same form and detail as the one Dylan is wearing.

BENCH/ Sukajan Jacket PHP 1599.75

Look #2

Black BENCH/ collared long-sleeve polo, black BENCH/ shirt, and a baseball cap.

For your shirt, you can practically pick any design or statement you want and what's more perfect than something that says "Believe in Yourself"?

Imagine being down or discouraged while being in school or at work and simply reading the words written on your shirt makes you feel better.

BENCH/ Statement Tee PHP 379.75

Then we have a button-up jacket with a big letter B on the left. An alternative would be wearing the same style with a different design or better yet, a plain button-up jacket in black.

Something like this Heart Pocket Jacket could work for sure.

BENCH/ Heart Pocket Jacket PHP 1599.75

Then we have a cute little baseball cap!

BENCH/ Military Cap PHP 349.75

Look #3

White BENCH/ shirt and an orange zippered sweatshirt.

Look hot and fresh with this clean white graphic tee made of 100% combed cotton.

BENCH/ Graphic Tee PHP 379.75

BENCH/ Graphic Tee PHP 379.75

Unfortunately, it looks like they are all out of the orange jacket but thankfully there's one in black that looks exactly like the one he's sporting.

BENCH/ Fashion Hoodie PHP 1299.75

Go ahead and buy these items, recreate the looks and do some photoshoots for yourself. You'll never know, you might be the next BENCH/ model just waiting to be discovered!

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