Feb 20, 2019

Dress like Cha Eun-Woo from My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Want to dress like a guy next door and have women lining up, waiting to get your attention? Cha Eun-Woo is here to help!

Cha Eun-Woo's character in My ID is Gangnam Beauty is ultimate boyfriend material. But there's more than just his good and kind persona. He completes the boyfriend package by also looking hip and fashionable. Here are some tips on how to dress like an "Oppa".

Casual: Denim Jacket, Shirt and Black Chinos

If you're going out for a bite, taking your girl on a date or just a typical trip to the mall, casual is your go-to look.

This outfit takes on a "modern meets retro" spin to the casual look. The combination of a loose white shirt tucked into a pair of black chinos is a contemporary twist on 80s fashion. Adding that extra layer of denim creates a rugged finish to this getup.

Denim Jacket

Smyth Boys Teens Denim Jacket PHP 999.75

Loose White Shirt

Cotton On The Other Turn Up Shirt PHP 599.00

Black Pants

Attitudes Felix Pants PHP 999.75

80s Date Night Look: Striped Collared Shirt and Black Khakis

Coco Chanel pioneered the use of stripes in mainstream fashion in the early 1900s but who says you can't sport that look today?

This loose, button up shirt tucked into black khakis creates the perfect date night look. Show your inner creativity and finesse by matching a printed shirt with your simple work pants. Also, you cannot go wrong by rolling up your sleeves. This adds texture and character to the outfit. You'll simply take the whole boyfriend game to a whole new level.

Striped Collar Shirt

Korean Style Long Sleeve Striped Shirt PHP 551.00

Black Pants

Attitudes Morris Long Pants PHP 1099.75

Sporty Style: Loose Light Blue Shirt and Black Pants

Keep it cool like Cha Eun-Woo.

It doesn't matter if you don't have workout clothes in your closet. Just pick a loose shirt and partner it with black pants. Of course, you need to check if they're stretchy because you might not want to rip your outfit and embarrass yourself.

Loose Light Blue Shirt

French Connection City Shirting Stretch Oxford Shirt PHP 2849.00

Black Pants

BNY Stretch Slim Fit Pants PHP 1099.75

Class Meets Rugged: Vintage Striped Shirt and Dark Blue Jeans

Who says good boy/bad boy looks can't go together? Level up your 80s look with this loose, vintage shirt matched with your favorite jeans. Finish this get-up by doing the trendy "French tuck". Simply tuck in the front of your shirt and let the sides and back hang loose. Your lady will surely be swooning when she sees you dressed up like this.

Loose Striped Shirt

Topman White Multi Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt PHP 1559.00

Dark Blue Jeans

Dyse One Skinny Jeans PHP 850.00

Well, there you have it, guys! Make sure you have these outfit ensembles ready in your wardrobe so you're ready to head out anytime.