Sep 18, 2018

Dao Ming Si VS Hua Ze Lei - Who Gets the Girl? Who Got the Style?

The newest remake of Meteor Garden features Darren Chen and Dylan Wang, battling for the love of Shen Yue's character. With their good looks and impeccable fashion sense, it's definitely difficult to choose!

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They fall in love. Blah. Blah. Blah. Classic love story, we know. But that's not how it is with the popular drama Meteor Garden, right? There's obviously a lot of punching, food throwing, and everything in between happening first before the main protagonists finally realize that they're in love! Nakakakilig, right?

Dylan Wang plays Dao Ming Si, the ruthless but hot F4 leader who wouldn't stop until he gets his revenge on poor Shan Cai. On the other hand, Darren Chen plays Hua Ze Lei, the indifferent member of F4, who soon finds himself having deep feelings for Shan Cai. In the end, both guys fall in love with the girl, but who gives way for the other?

Aside from the drama, we're pretty excited to see the fab outfits of the cast as they take on their respective roles. We're featuring the styles of Dylan Wang and Darren Chen. Who do you think is hotter?

Just looking at their fashion, we can easily figure out who is the bad boy and who is the mysterious timid and silent type. Dylan, who plays Dao Ming Si exhibits a bad boy image with a unique hairstyle now known as "Pineapple Hair". On the other hand, Darren Chen who plays Hua Ze Lei, portraits his kind and silent character through his super comfy clothes we really feel like borrowing. Both of their styles look gorgeous. And of course, some ladies out there prefer the bad boy image than the cuter one. But even if you have said you like the bad boy Dylan, you'll definitely can't resist Darren's style that is getting cuter and cuter. Let's see how we can recreate their looks.

The Casual Look

Dylan's Casual

Dylan wears his denim jacket with a white T-shirt. This is a classic style that'll make you look bold and cool. Rock the style with black jeans and white sneakers and you'll see, black and blue combi, is definitely hard to beat.

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Darren's Casual

In contrast to Dylan's cool look, Darren wears comfy clothes that will make you wanna stare and wonder if you can join him read books or have an afternoon tea and fine talks. Let's borrow his style starting from the knit sweater partnered with knitted mufflers. Yes to those colors! The neutral color makes him look cuter and it works well with light hues. That's why maybe he chose jeans with a lighter hue and added orange casual shoes for a not-so-boring style.

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The Formal Look

Dylan's Formal

Who says a black suit is boring? Dylan jazzes his black suit with white shirt detailed with few patterns. He absolutely messes it up right perfect for his chaebol character.

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Darren's Formal

What can we expect? Darren chooses the white suit style. He strips the costumey feel by pairing it with a white ribbon tie that again brings cuteness.

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With guys like Dylan and Darren, any girl would definitely get confused!